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R1b Basal Subclades

R1b-M343 (xP312 xU106) Project
  • 2493 members

About us

The goal of the R1b Basal Subclades - R1b-M343 (xP312 xU106) Project is to develop the basal branches of the R1b haplotree and investigate the history/distribution of the most upstream (basal) clades of haplogroup R1b-M343. Eligible members have tested or are presumed negative for SNPs P312 and U106 (P312- U106-) and tested or presumed positive for SNP M343. If you are predicted R-M269 (red) and have not tested SNPs P312 and U106 please join the R _R1b ALL Subclades project. That project is a gateway to major R1b projects including this one. Eligible R1b haplogroups that are presumed U106- and P312- based on phylogenetics. Hg: R-A139, R-BY250, R-BY3293, R-BY3294, R-BY3296, R-BY3297, R-BY3298, R-BY3704, R-BY3716, R-BY3717, R-BY593, R-BY611, R-CTS1848, R-CTS3937, R-CTS4528, R-CTS623, R-CTS6889, R-CTS7763, R-CTS7822, R-CTS8966, R-CTS8966, R-CTS9219, R-FGC14590, R-FGC14594, R-FGC14595, R-FGC14598, R-FGC14600, R-FGC20980, R-FGC29330, R-KMS75, R-L11, R-L150, R-L151, R-L23, R-L277, R-L389, R-L51, R-L584, R-L943, R-M12135, R-M207, R-M269, R-M335, R-M343, R-M478, R-M64, R-M73, R-P25, R-P310, R-P310, R-P311, R-P37, R-PF4354, R-PF6289, R-PF7562, R-PF7580, R-PF7589, R-PH1639, R-PH2147, R-PH2731, R-PH317, R-PH544, R-SK2097, R-V88, R-Y14306, R-Y15982, R-Y15983, R-Y16143, R-Y18687, R-Y4362, R-Y5561, R-Y5586, R-Y5587, R-Y5592, R-Z17695, R-Z2103, R-Z2105, R-Z2109