R1a-S18681 Project

Polabian Slavs - Obodrites, Veleti, Rani, Pomeranians... or maybe Balts?
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About us

This is a community page for members of R1a-S18681 branch which is found in Central, Northern and Eastern Europe. Our clade is dated around 2400 B.P. (common ancestor), lay under Southern Baltic CTS3402 branch of R1a haplogroup. See chart below: http://www.yfull.com/tree/R-S18681/

Our S18681 (or rather a bit older YP311 twig: https://www.yfull.com/tree/R-YP311/) and fraternal L1280 (mostly Central-Southern Europe) are located at the same twig with their own mutation Y3301.
Clade R1a-S18681 is not so huge against a background. It concentrate in particular in North-Eastern Germany and Western-Northern-Central Poland. A few samples are from Ukraine and Russia.

Distribution of S18681 (especially descendants of YP314 & YP1428 subclades) nice correlate to early germanized Polabians and West Pomeranians (Sukov-Dziedzice culture) who settled in present
 Germany in 6th century (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polabian_Slavs). So maybe we are a different part of migration of Polabian Slavs from their cradle till descination countries...

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