R1a-S18681 Project

Polabian Slavs - Obodrites, Veleti, Rani, Pomeranians...
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About us

This project is open to all confirmed or potential members of clade R1a-S18681, a subclade of a very large Central-Eastern European branch R1a-Z280. We encourage our members to test for 12 or 37 STR-markers which in most cases should be enough to predict the S18681 membership. For more precise classification within clade S18681 we suggest ordering the most informative Y-DNA tests like Big Y-700 or R1a-Z280 Pack (see overlap "Background") Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/R1aS18681/ Admin of R1a-S18681 Project: Łukasz Maurycy Stanaszek, Ph. D. Head of Anthropological Laboratory, State Archaeological Museum, Warsaw (Poland); belongs to R1a-S18681 (subclade YP1363>BY24952>BY50754).