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R1a - L1280 Project

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About us

The main goal for our L1280 project is to understand this subclade and explore the deeper structure of L1280.

* We will focus on the subclades of L1280, to find out their origin and potential migration routes.

*There are three major subclades under L1280, all of them defined based on specific SNP mutations:

1. FGC11555: a small subclade with only a few known members, mostly in Central-Western Europe, but also in South Poland and Russia.

2. FGC19283: the largest subclade with its peak in Poland, but also present in Slovakia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, England and in some other countries.

3. Y5647: a subclade that is most common in the Balkan-Carpathian region, including Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, but it has also been found in Russia and England

4. Based on both STR results and negative SNP results, we suspect there is at least one more subclade directly under L1280 that still waits for discovery. There are many potential members of such undiscovered subclades, mostly in Russia (or generally in Eastern Europe).