R1a - L1280 Project

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About us

L1280 is a subclade of haplogroup R1a-Z280. It is widely spread over most parts of Europe, with peaks in Poland, Russian Federation, East Germany, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Slovakia. There are three major subclades under L1280: FGC11555, FGC19283 and Y5647. Most likely, there is also a 4th subclade (predicted based on STRs) that we try to discover. If you have been tested positive for L1280 or you have been predicted to be L1280+ in other projects, please join us. You can also join us if you show at least 3 out of 4 following STR results: DYS19 = 17, DYS385b = 13, DYS439 = 11; DYS464a = 13, and we will tell you whether you are indeed a potential member of clade L1280.