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About us

We can identify the ancient lineages with certainty thanks to Trinity College Dublin and FTDNA's base genetic signature for Neill O'Cuinn.

The results pages are established as follows and will be an ongoing assortment of categories and description suited, or tailored to my needs as the project administrator.  Over time, I will expand these to include the actual lineage associated with the groupings.  In the past, and not of my own desires, I let them be changed to suit another project admin.  However. the way the results were organized did not accurately reflect kinship between one line and another line based solely on the genetic results.  Instead, they were more traditional paper records of ancestral lines, not genetically similar groups such as those with the R-M222 markers and those without.  

To read the results the way that I intend you to read them are as follows:
  1. The categorization scheme is not hard to understand.  The view you see is related to the R-M222 marker set and expected values.  What you see is folks that are either R-M222 positive, R-M222 negative, or your signature matches what FTDNA assumes and offers your results as predicted R-M222 and are indicated by your RED label in the haplogroup field.  Those with RED in their haplogroup field are encouraged to purchase and SNP upgrade to the R-M222 level at a minimum, but choosing the much more expensive BIG Y upgrade will provide you with the most clarity in reference to your ancient genetic profile.

  2. When you look at where your KIT NUMBER is assigned, you should take this correlation to mean you are closely, and I mean closely related to those KITS in the grouping that match Niall.  The result is that those in the same group have very similar modal values that fall within the currently defined range by both the ISOGG and Family Tree DNA of people that match Niall O'Cuinn, or do not match Niall O'Cuinn.  The reason this is important for us to establish relates to kinship and separating the line of Conn, with the lines associated with Cormac Ua Cuinn and then downstream to Niall.

  3. Lastly, do not encumber yourselves with these categorizations, they are merely meant as clues that will help you find your ancestor in the public records.  What you will need to do is figure out where, or by whom you are associated.  With these definitions, you should thusly be enabled to find you line accurately without respect to what was written in historic record.  Which could be either TRUE or FALSE depending on your actual GENETICS.

  4. Over time, I will ascert my findings with an EXPANDED description on the RESULTS page to show your KINSHIP.  Remember, this is a broadly defined, NARROW slice of what your DNA tells me.  As such, I am not in the business of telling you where to look, but what to look for.
REMEMBER:  We are speaking of genetics and genealogy, but not of Genetic Genealogy.  A great deal of the work in reconciling this information is dependant on each and every member's willingness to spend the additional Dinero to expand the knowledge of the community, not one specific lineage.  You will see in each description, over time where the person that has the specificity of markers places them geographically.  This will add, what I term as previously impossible to verify.  This is a genetic surname and geographic project all rolled up into a single project. This is not an easily defined or imaginary compilation of this Project Administrator.  Instead, I allow the DNA evidence to speak to us in it's own language.  As such, I have volunteered at 50+ hours a week, over a nine year period without ZERO compensation.  If your opinion differs, you should post that displeasure in our project's Activity Feed and go on the record with your ideas and insights.