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A Pruett/Pruitt/Prewitt surname project was started on the now defunct family history website in 2010. On that site we were able to compare Y-DNA results, discuss our research efforts, and share photos and files. Due to the simple and well-organized interface on that website, we had some very lively discussions and we were able to make a great deal of progress in sorting out the various Prew-it family groups. Unfortunately, in 2014 Ancestry shut down the website. Because they gave us plenty of notice, we were able to retrieve most of the information from that site and it is now archived at This is a very good starting point for those who want to find out more about our family groups.

After an abortive attempt to use as our home, we eventually transitioned our efforts to At this FTDNA surname project, we have been able to share DNA results and discuss our findings, but our efforts to get vibrant discussions going again have been stymied by FTDNA’s efforts to abide by the recently enacted privacy rules of the European Union. We hope our members will use our Activity Feed to share information with other members in an effort to work together to achieve their goals. Our Administrators stand ready to help in this regard.