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The Pruett/Pruitt/Prewitt Family DNA Project is open to all who are interested in working together to find their common heritage through sharing of information and DNA testing. All variant spellings are welcome. If your surname is missing and should be included, we'll be glad to add it. You are sincerely welcome to join our group and we hope you will post to our discussion section about your family tree or any other question you have. Please list the States and dates that you know about your family because there may be someone in our family groups who knows something about your relatives. Our surname throughout history has been spelled many ways in the same family, but it is usually pronounced the same "Prew-it". Until Y-DNA testing, it was thought all the Pruetts/Pruitts/Prewitts,etc. in the USA were one large family descended from Thomas Prewitt who arrived in VA in 1636. There are at least six Pruett/Pruitt/Prewitt family groups with others waiting for matching members to create more. Please click on the "ACTIVITY FEED" on the left to go to our discussion section. The following is very Important: FTDNA made changes to their DNA Projects due to laws passed May 2018 by the European Union. FTDNA now assigns anyone, who orders a DNA test, as "Group Project Access Only" in their account "Project Preferences" under their "Privacy and Sharing" settings. This setting really should be called "No Group Project Access". Project administrators are not able to view anyone's account who has the "Group Project Access Only " because their accounts are locked. The administrators cannot provide any help or are able to assign new members to one of our Family Groups. Unless the new members change their Project Preferences to "Limited Access" or "Full Access" there really isn't any reason to join our project. To change your Project Preferences, log into your FTDNA personal home page and hover your cursor over your name on the top right hand side and click on “Privacy and Sharing” and work through the privacy options. When complete, click on the tab right next to the “Privacy and Sharing” called “Project Preferences” 
 For every project that you have joined, please click on “EDIT” then grant the admins ‘Full Access’. Further information about these matters is available on the same page.