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About us

Probasco/Bartoszewski/Bartos DNA Project:
To date we have traced the Probasco (originally Probatski) surname back to Breslau, Silesia (which is today Wroclaw, Poland) in the early 1600s from a document found in the Gemeente Archief, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, dated 1654. Silesia was ruled by the Austrian Habsburgs at that point in history. The Probasco surname has its origins in the surname Probatski, and from the DNA results  it has been determined that all Probascos descended from a common ancestor, George (Jurriaen) Probatski, who was from Breslau, Silesia, who migrated to Amsterdam, Brazil, then to New Netherland (New York) in 1654. We are currently pursuing records in Poland to find George (Jurriaen) Probatski's ancestors and family.

So far the Bartoszewski surname has been traced back to Poland in the 1800s and many by that surname live in Poland today. Though this surname appears in Poland, we believe that other "Bartos" beginning surname families trace to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.

Many "Bartos" beginning surname families changed their name to Bartos upon immigrating to America. We welcome any families that had their surnames changed to Bartos that do not show on our surname list, or have Bartos in the beginning of their surname.

Additionally, we are currently studying Haplogroup results for these surnames to determine their  ancient ancestry. 

We have now added other surname projects to this project to trace these families, and will eventually make them separate DNA projects as the number of participants grow:

Hamilton-J2 DNA Project:
To date we have found a DNA connection between the Leonard Hamilton family of Buckingham County, VA to Green County, KY and the Isham Hamilton family of Washington County, KY. The Isham Hamilton family had no matches within the Hamilton DNA Project. Which is why this project is run separately from that project.

Kerger DNA Project:
Need more participants to draw any conclusions.

Kolarcik DNA Project:
Need more participants to draw any conclusions.

Rager DNA Project:
Need more participants to draw any conclusions.