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Goal 1: The Prillaman/Brüllmann haplogroup is R1b1a2a1a1b3c or R-L2

Goal 2: We have the results from a Brüllmann participant from Switzerland confirming an ancestral connection to the Brüllmann family of Switzerland. The next step would be to find other Brüllmann participants to confirm the results and also to test other similar surnames, i.e. Brühlmann or Brillerman.

Goal 3: We have tested the YDNA of a descendant of John Prillaman (second son of Jacob Prillaman Sr.) and descendants of Daniel Prillaman, (third son of Jacob Prillaman Sr). There is a slight difference in the markers - see the YDNA results.  We need a male volunteer from the line of Jacob Prillaman Jr., first son of Jacob Sr. to also participate.

Goal 4: Results for Byrd Prillerman, indicate European origins for this paternal line of the Prillerman family. Results for James Harvey his brother also indicate European origins for the Ydna. The Ydna results for Byrd Prillerman Sr. do not match the test subjects with the Prillaman surname but do match a Koger surname from Franklin County. The results for James Harvey closely match the Daniel Prillaman line.

Goal 5: The MTDNA for Waltpurgelly is classified as J. Elizabeth Snidow is classifed as U.The two women may be related in some other way but from the MTDNA evidence it appears they do not share the same mother or maternal grandmother. But after considering the results and the family line, I have reservations about the DNA proof until more women in the direct family line of Elizabeth and Waltpurgelly can be found and tested as for one of the test subjects there is a possibility that her maternal line is from a second wife versus a first wife in her line of descendancy from the 1700's.