Prillaman - Brüllmann

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About us

Goal 1: To determine the haplogroup for the Prillaman surname.

Goal 2: To determine a genetic relationship to a European surname from which the surname Prillaman is derived. Most Prillamans in America descend from a common ancestor, Jacob Prillaman (Brüllmann) who immigrated to Virginia from Switzerland in 1747.

Goal 3: By testing the YDNA of males with a Prillaman surname or a derivation of that name we hope to determine if all are related through a common ancestor or if the different branches have their own unique markers.

Goal 4: To determine the ancestoral and paternal origins of Byrd and Herbert Prillerman, sons of Charlott. Charlott's husband Franklin may not be the father of both Byrd and James Harvey.

Goal 5: To determine the mtdna haplogroup for Waltpurgelly, wife of Jacob Prillaman Sr. and to determine if Elizabeth, wife of John Jacob Snidow, was indeed her sister or a relative. We need female participants to volunteer.