Polman DNA Project

Polman, Påhlman, and Pohlmann families
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About us

With regard to the Polman, Påhlman, and Pohlmann One-Name Study, the objective of the DNA Project is to confirm ancestral links between branches of these families that have not been established through paper records. This will help to determine whether these branches originate from the same family.

So, we’re hoping that over time we can answer the following:

  • Does the Påhlman family in Sweden and von Pohlmann family in Estonia both link to the Polman family from Westphalia?
  • In particular, do the three groups of families have a common origin, as the paper records are beginning to suggest?
  • Do other groups of Pohlmanns across Germany and the Baltics link to the main group of Polmans from Westphalia?
  • Where did the family originate; is there a possible connection between the Pollemann family from Drenthe and Groningen?
  • What are the origins and evolution of the surname?