Polman DNA Project

Polman, Påhlman, and Pohlmann families
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About us

Welcome to the Polman, Påhlman, and (von) Pohlmann DNA Project! Although the project is currently in its early stages, we are excited about the potential of DNA testing to help us uncover new insights about the connections between these families.

The purpose of conducting a DNA project is to demonstrate a genetic linkage between families, which can be especially useful when traditional genealogical records are limited or inconclusive. The DNA Project has been registered with Family Tree DNA, one of the leading DNA testing companies. This will allow individuals with these surnames to participate in the research by ordering a DNA test and contributing to the collective project.

What can a DNA project achieve? It can help to validate existing research, identify mistaken connections, determine related family branches, bridge gaps in paper records, confirm and discover name variants, resolve brick walls, confirm migrations, confirm suspected events such as illegitimacy and adoption, define the major branches of the tree going back to the origin of the surname, and reveal information about the evolution and origin of a surname.

Visit Polmanarkivet at https://polmanarkivet.com for more information.