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Artur Martyka Artur Martyka
January 28 @ 7:06am
Dear Project members. I am sorry for any delays and/or unanswered e-mails but I have many private matters to deal with, above all, and the project itself is also not working as fast as expected. Anyway, I have managed to subgroup prevously ungrouped project members that have done Big Y testing /SNP Packs/single SNPs. I am now slowly subgrouping people that did no further testing aside Y-STR markers. If there is any update on your category needed, please write e-mail and I should deal with it in a matter of week. If I don't reply - please re-send that. I receive many e-mails daily and I can omit it sometimes. Thank you for your patience. I hope that I will have time to become more involved in the project to your good. Best, AM.
Artur Martyka
January 28 @ 7:13am
And one important matter - if you are ungrouped but you need quick classification, because you want to order some upgrades and there is an ongoing sale or you are just very curious - also write e-mail. During any sale my reactions should be faster.
Joseph Pelsinski
February 18 @ 10:42am
Hello my Kit No. is N112858 and my Y Haplogroup is Y-R 2608. My maternal haplogroup is X2b. All of my direct ancestors were from Poland.
David Miller
March 2 @ 7:16pm
Consider uploading any DNA test result you have to GEDmatch.com. The site accepts DNA tests from ALL companies. Can generate several thousand matches from their database. Membership is free with email registration. Tier1 subscription is reasonable. It is useful for DNA research. Also upload your GEDCOM (history) file to GEDmatch.
T Kočan T Kočan
June 23 @ 11:26am
Dear Sirs, I belong to branch I-Y4460> BY37317 and I assume that my ancestors came to the Balkans from the three borders of Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia and that they never changed their surname. I would ask you to write the results of my test in the table of your project. Best regards!
David Dzivi
June 23 @ 12:30pm
T...results are automatically provided to each project to which you belong. There is often a lag time between receiving those results and the actual grouping as administrators are volunteers and must find adequate time to undertake this task. Check back periodically. By the way, your ancestors’ geographics suggest that joining the “Europe East E I J Groups Project” might be advisable.
T Kočan
June 23 @ 12:50pm
Thank you Mr. David!
Paweł Rozmarynowski Paweł Rozmarynowski
January 23 @ 5:29pm
Good day. I am writing for the first time, so I would like to say hello. I am Paweł, I live in Poland. I am an archaeologist by profession and passionate about genealogy for some time. I would like to ask for help in understanding my research results. Their interpretation requires enormous knowledge, which I unfortunately lack. My haplogroup Y is R1B - R-M269 - L23 - R-Z2103 - R-M12149. The Y37 study showed me 3 matches, none of which are Polish. Autosomal studies show 66% East Europe, 20% British Isles, 13% Southeast Europe,> 2% Finn. Ancient European Origin - 11% Metal Age Invader, 38% Farmer, 51% Hunter-Gatherer, 0% non-European. According to FTDNA, the most common names associated with me are Smith, Wilson and Jones. Studies on the Y chromosome show that the most (12 marker match total, genetic distance -1) of common ancestors I have in Scotland (664), Ireland (283), England (261), United States (173), United Kingdom (125) , Germany (83), France (57) and others, but less so. From my father's and mother's side I know my ancestors at least up to about 5 generations back and everyone was from Poland, from Wielkopolska in general. Question: a. How do you understand all this? How do I interpret the history of my genes? b. Since my family has been living in Poland for so many generations, where do so many relatives and such a high percentage in the British Isles come from? c. How to connect southern and eastern Europe, together with the Islands and Poland? d. From where r-m12149 in Great Britain? And in Poland? I think that since the Y chromosome study showed a lot of relatives in Great Britain, I can relate this to the father line. Haplogroup R-Z2103 from what I've learned is found in south-eastern Europe, so it can be these 13%. Is it possible that my paternal ancestor got to the British Isles along with the Roman Empire, and after centuries moved to Poland? Discovered matches show a person with a French name. Could it be that my ancestor came to the British Isles with the Normans in the 10th century? Just how to tie it ...? What population can r-m12149 be associated with at all? Thank you for all your help and attempts at interpretation. I hope there will be people here who can decipher something. Best wishes, Paweł R.
Paweł Rozmarynowski
May 17 @ 7:21pm
Hello everyone again finally, I got the results of the Big Y 700. I asked a similar question in the R1B group, so I will use it. In connection with the above, I would like to ask you for help regarding SNP. The latest of the positive SNPs in my case are: 1.r-z2109 2. r-cts7822 3. r-cts7556 4. r-y5592 5. r-cts9219 6. r-y18959 7. r-fgc43622 8. r-y5587 9. r-ph2147 10. r-by593 Can I find out how these SNPs are dated, where the oldest were discovered, and where their samples were obtained (what archaeological culture, place, time)? I was recommended this site earlier: http://scaledinnovation.com/gg/snpTracker.html However, I do not know if it is accurate. In addition, there is no information about archaeological cultures from which samples were obtained. There are also discrepancies in dates e.g. in the SNP tracker r-cts7556 is marked in green as the Iron Age, and in y full its dating is 5400 ybp ... I am asking for help and wise advice. Best wishes, Paweł R.
Eugeniusz Wysmołek
June 26 @ 4:34pm
What is the terminal haplogroup?
Eugeniusz Wysmołek
June 26 @ 4:48pm
ok go here https://www.yfull.com/tree/R-Z2108/ and then find y5587 this is very big territory - ppl from eastern europe and some subgroup in Skandinavia and Bulgaria. formed around 4 thousand ago, 2000 before Christ so sparrows did not tweet for romans at that time, R1b is typical to western europe hence large numbers for UK, France, Germany etc. this is nothing surprising. When exactly your male ancestors moved from west to Poland is hard to tell without ancient dna and very precise one. It is important that your ancestors are from Wielkopolska which is closest to the Western countries. it does makes sense.
Marek Ussorowski
June 27 @ 7:56am
Niestety wiele wypowiedzi jest błędnych mówię to z ośmioletniego doświadczenia. Chcę podkreślić że również należę do L23EE, mam podobne wyniki autosomalne, pochodzę z tej samej części Polski. Najbardziej dziwi mnie dodatek Ugrofiński ja go też mam. Proponuje forum https://anthrogenica.com/forum.php . Proszę popytać blagiera @Michał.
Radoslaw Piwowarczyk Radoslaw Piwowarczyk
June 13 @ 2:07am
High Middle Ages R-L1029 samples. If I missed any, please let me know. The earliest R-L1029 samples come from Great Moravian elites (to be published).
John profile (managed by Lois) Oracz
June 21 @ 2:37pm
Is there somewhere I can obtain more information or records of Moravian population in Poland? My father links with multiple people in the US that seem to all descend from a common Moravian couple. They all share about 20-25 cm.
John profile (managed by Lois) Oracz
June 21 @ 2:38pm
in NE Poland north of Suwalki.
H Machejek H Machejek
February 21, 2017 @ 6:56am
I'm genealogy person from 2008. My blog with information , link /click my ancestors https://genealogicznapodroz.wordpress.com/2017/01/04/wywod-przodkow/ my husband - and his ancestors https://genealogicznapodroz.wordpress.com/2017/01/04/wywod-przodkow/
H Machejek
February 25, 2017 @ 8:56am
My genealogy place and name . for ex. Łopuszno, Miechów, Koniusza, Przedbórz, Jeżowe , Jelonki, Ostrów Mazowiecka ect. Name : Bernat,Mscisz, Ostrowski, Pasiak, Obarzanek, Machejek , Kania ,Bogacz, and much more...
H Machejek
March 2, 2017 @ 7:29am
Map - My Genealogy research place https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1p-TZmMdLfRC1d2D-_PreN8mxSJc&ll=46.38863898837859%2C-29.13858170000003&z=3 I hope someone found something similar. I waiting for news.
Tatiana Kowalewski
June 15 @ 5:05am
Hello just seen this post. Is your Ostrowski connection in Rzeszow? my late father had a sister Bronislawa who married an Ostrowski but we have no other information only that they had a daughter Elizabietta Ostrowska born 1946 died 2004 in Rzeszow
László Varsányi László Varsányi
May 23 @ 8:20am
The new feature in My TrueAncestry is brilliant. As a unique solution, the junctions between the samples in the genome can also be seen visually compared to the ancient samples. Both Y-DNA degradation and mt DNA degradation can be seen. This snapshot is a detail of mtDNA degradation. It is clear how different ethnic groups intermingled. Here, for example, an ancient Avar pattern, a Scythian, and a Roman pattern run together at one point, but each branch in itself is very exciting, as it is similar to all of us, because of our common ancestors and the mixing of the population at the time, yet unique to each genre. Patterns of Gallic, Frankish, Roman, Danish, Swedish, French, Viking, Thuringian, Scythian, Sarmatian, Avar, conquering elite tombs (Karos III), Merovingian and Caroling dynasties, etc., all mixed, branched, connected by kinship threads , and broken down into haplogroups, it's brilliant ... now as soon as I look at it ...
David Dzivi
May 23 @ 12:13pm
I wonder how they came up with the data for this display? Are these simple ethnic segments or are they intended to show Haplogroups? Thanks for sharing!
László Varsányi
May 23 @ 12:48pm
Welcome Mr. David Dzivi! We communicated a long time ago ... So: This page compares samples already made public and taken from ancient graves. I’ll write around my thought because I don’t speak English even now. For example, if tombs are excavated in the pyramids in Egypt, scientists there will analyze the bone remains and extract the person’s DNA. Or, for example, in Europe, scientists are analyzing human remains buried in graves and temples found during excavations. If they produce dns results, this is usually published. Usually, when the results are completed, they are uploaded to a page created for research purposes, where geneticists and researchers, scientists have access to the published sample. In the same way we upload our own results here to the FTDNA page. FTDNA compares your sample with that of other FTDNA users. This page, on the other hand, compares your pattern to the ancient patterns. So this page compares all public and allowed remnant samples based on an algorithm with your uploaded sample. There are several features, I find the site pretty good, one of the best I think right now. Of course, when I first heard about it, when it was first recommended, I was also skeptical about the site, but I ran several tests and analyzes and all of them were correct. Moreover, with the help of the site, I was able to prove my family legend. The genome of my ancestor in my family legend was also included in the samples, and of course my genome showed the agreement between us. For me, the service was very good and useful to prove my kinship. At the basic level, you see basic features (for free registration), but since I developed the level, I see more data. Like here within the FTDNA. As I upgraded to the Big Y 700, I saw more data. I got a lot of information, access to data, excavation results, and much more. Of course, I only see what is compatible with me, a genetic ancestor. What you see are my results. Everyone has their own. If you upload your own pattern, you will also see your own. You will have access to your own results and can use the information you receive. You have the opportunity to register for free. Look, it's worth a try. Maximunm does not have access to all data at the basic level. If you think it's good, let's talk and I will help you. I published the new development on the site because more and more people have already registered from here and know about the innovation if you may have been on that site long ago or even if someone hasn't heard of it can anyone who reads get a feel for research. I like the site as well as the FTDNA site. Each has an advantage. I have long wanted a similar site and have found and used it as well. It fills the gap I was looking for. What you see are my results. Everyone has their own. If you upload your own pattern, you will also see your own. You will have access to your own results and can use the information you receive. You have the opportunity to register for free. Look, it's worth a try. Maximunm does not have access to all data at the basic level. If you think it's good, let's talk and I will help you. I published the new development on the site because more and more people have already registered from here and know about the innovation if you may have been on that site long ago or even if someone hasn't heard of it can anyone who reads get a feel for research. I like the site as well as the FTDNA site. Each has an advantage. I have long wanted a similar site and have found and used it as well. It fills the gap I was looking for. I always publish good things or what I believe to be, stand behind good things, or what might be useful to others. I find this site useful in my own research, perhaps helping others as well.
László Varsányi
June 6 @ 2:30am
New information: The MyTrueAncestry site has once again come up with sensational development. Haplogroup Analytics allows the user to specify the haplogroup of Y-DNA, thus, based on the data entered, it gives the ancient samples that have the haplogroup of the related Y-DNA. Showing the results, and highlighting deep dive patterns. Of course, this by the previous "tree" clarifies the specified parameters, so it is no longer just autosomal, but also shows the user's location in Y-DNA breakdown, pasting the pattern in the appropriate place. Here is a quote from the dashboard: "If you have had your Y-haplogroup tested, you can enter the result here to find matches with the same haplogroup. Females who have had a direct male relative (e.g. father, brother, uncle) tested can also use those results."
Guy Jacks Guy Jacks has a question!
May 13 @ 8:00am
Hello everybody, I'm researching a certain ancestor from Poland and would appreciate any possible assistance. The ancestor in question is a certain Hannah Eisenberg maiden name Malyonowski, I'm trying to find more about her, that side of my ancestry is technically made up of Ashkenazi Jews from Poland (I'm aware that conversions to Judaism in Poland were extremely rare, however concerning other ancestors with Polish sounding names it only took a quick Google search to find out that this or that surname were commonly adopted by the Jewish community there at the time, however concerning this surname I've found no indication of the sort), however after researching that surname it seems perhaps possible that she was actually born Polish, as I've not found any indication of usage of this surname by Polish Jews (unlike other surnames which were sometimes also adopted by Jews). Unfortunately when researching her name throughout the internet I haven't been able to find any information about her. I know she married a man by the name of Alexander Eisenberg, and that their son David Eisenberg was born around 1858 in Poland, and that he died in Sydney Australia in 1934. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions but I always get extremely curious when finding new information about my ancestry, so if anyone knows perhaps where I might be able to find more information concerning Hannah Malyonowski or might be more knowledgeable about this surname and Polish surnames in general, it'd be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
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Andreas Nowak
May 19 @ 3:21pm
Hi Guy, you should try this link to MyHeritage. David was Born in 1859 and was married with Harriet Cohen. Good luck for your further research. https://www.myheritage.de/research/collection-1/myheritage-stammbaume?s=637327701&itemId=413873461-1-500109&action=showRecord
Andreas Nowak
May 19 @ 3:54pm
If the link doesn't work, here some details: David Harris Eisenberg (rel. name David ben Alexander), *1859 jan. 01. in Poland, + 1934 sept. 27. in Australia (18 Tishrei 5695), funeral 1934 sept. 28. in Rockwood, Nsw, Australia (death notice via Sydney Morning Herald at Waverley), married to Harriet born Cohen from London (1867-1951), Children: Charles (1906-1975) and Nancy Symonds, parents: Alexander (Rabbi) Eisenberg and Hannah born Malyonowski
Guy Jacks
June 2 @ 3:37pm
@Jadwiga Buras Yea I was looking for Hannah as well as Anna, so far haven't found much. Yea that's the thing, I'm not entirely sure where from Poland she came from, although I did find that this surname exists among the Ruthenians, so maybe Galicia? Can't quite say besides that
Guy Jacks
June 2 @ 3:38pm
@Andreas Nowak Thanks, but this is actually where I found this information about her haha, that's the only lead that I have. Thanks though, it's much appreciated :)
Sergei Leonov Sergei Leonov
May 24 @ 7:30am
Hi guys! Now I am a Co-Admin in R1a Project. My area is CTS11962 (L1029 + YP515), or it means that enough big part of Polish R1a samples are L1029 and YP515. So, we'll continue to co-operate. All tables are upgraded now.
Radoslaw Piwowarczyk Radoslaw Piwowarczyk
Radoslaw Piwowarczyk
January 29 @ 4:44am
2x R1a-L1029 (grave 58B - 1140±30 BP, grave 47 - 1090±30 BP), strontium isotope ratios - both non-local, possibly from Scandinavia (but from different regions), grave 58A - mother of 58B with local North Polish strontium isotope ratios, 47 could be a son of 58B 1x R1b-FGC11293 (grave 43 - 1100±30 BP) - non-local 1x R1b-U106 (grave 35 - 1065±30 BP) - non-local Age distribution of buried: 58B - maturus/senilis 47 - maturus 43 - maturus 35 - maturus/senilis https://i.postimg.cc/PfYjJRxf/20200128-062506.jpg Grave 58 https://i.postimg.cc/ZRbzQrpk/Ciep-e-2-960px.jpg Other R1a-L1029 samples from "Population genomics of the Viking world", e.g. from Funen, Denmark https://i.postimg.cc/PH2H66ZB/Screen-Hunter-2768-Jul-18-09-06.jpg All the samples are autosomally Polish-like... https://i.postimg.cc/v8d98B1D/Screen-Hunter-2768-Jul-18-11-12.jpg
Jordi Mestres Jordi Mestres
May 19 @ 6:16am
Gents, still looking for the man with haplogroup R-KMS45 that marked himself with the polish flag in the BigY Tree. Please, come forward. Besides my 450-year old cousin from Asturias, in the north of Spain, you are currently my closest Y-DNA match.
Joan Allen Joan Allen
May 6 @ 3:42am
Hello Arthur Martyka, My name is Joan and all of my ancestors were from Poland. Some considered themselves German others Polish. My autosomal DNA is in the high 60's as Eastern European. I recently received the full MtDNA kit and am waiting on the results. I do know from 23andMe that my maternal haplogroup is U5b1. My maternal branch identified as Polish and lived near Gniezno. I suspect they may have come from what is now Czech Republic.
David Miller
May 11 @ 6:04am
Joan, are you familiar with GEDmatch.com? They accept autosomal DNA test from ALL companies. Basis membership is free with email registration. They can generate up to 2000 matches from their database. A monthly option allows deeper analysis for nominal cost. My GEDmatch kit number is A875569. GEDmatch also accepts GEDCOM (history or family tree) file. I am slavicamerican on Ancestry. I manage the MILLLER FAMILY TREE there. My true surname is RUSNAK or RUSZNAK. Today, Gniezno Poland is about 400 miles northeast of Prague, Czech Republic. Are you familiar with Austria Hungary history? Galicia?
Joan Allen
May 15 @ 2:36am
Hi David, Sorry to be late getting back to you. I do have a kit on GEDmatch. A020030. I am a little familiar with Galicia, but much more acquainted with Russian and Prussian history as it applies to the partitions of Poland. I do want to brush up on it as I am fairly certain some of my Gniezno ancestors came from there. thank for all your good suggestions!
David Miller
May 16 @ 9:33pm
Joan: I checked GEDmatch. Got zero for your kit number. However, a little trick is to set minimum cM segment size to 4 instead of default 7 cM. You share 5.2 cM with me on chromosome 5. Here are the segments Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 5 86,204,395 93,733,862 5.2 605 Not real close. Just an example how to tweak some of the resources available. Have you seen recommended book: GENETIC GENEALOGY IN PRACTICE by BT Bettinger? Highly recommend to better understand STRs and SNPs. I paid a small fee to have my Big 700 and full mtDNA results analyzed at YFULL. All said and done, these are great in-depth results but the number of members is very low compared to Ancestry and My Heritage. I'm finding significantly more matches and connections through those two sites. I'm going to take a chance. This site is only read by members. I am asking members to NOT share my email address with anyone else. I have a resource sheet helpful for beginning and intermediate researchers. Send your email address to DGMILLERZ@OUTLOOK.COM and I will send a copy. My response is to YOU. I do not want to get overwhelmed by too many requests. If you have ancestors from Podkarpackie District, let me know by email. I collaborate with a person very knowledgeable in this geographical area. How connected are you to RUSSIA? I could use some help there.