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I run the Guild of One Name Studies Pincombe surname study ( The earliest reference to the Pincombe surname is in 1485 at North Molton, Devon although the surname Pencombe occurs at Pencombe Manor, Herefordshire prior to this date (1300s and 1400s). The Visitation for Devon states that Pencombe came with Lord de la Zouch to the North Molton area in 1485 . Family members can be found all around the world but principally in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States. My Guild of One Name Studies email is: My webpage has information on my Pincombe ancestors:Pincombe Family of Elizabeth Kipp (
Most days I blog about my research and often there are items on the Pincombe family - I have transcribed most of the extant wills of the Pincombe family in England. My blog: Today I did a particularly interesting look at the frequency of the Pinkham and Pincombe surname on World Profiler: I am slowly extracting all the Pincombe/Pinkham data and may be able to help with your research. I have the research family trees produced by the earlier Pincombe family researchers at the Guild.

The two results that are now in the project do not match. The first result is from a descendant of the Barnstaple Pincombe family and the second is a descendant of the Pinkham family which emigrated to New Hampshire from Devon England in the 1600s. Because I do not have any results from my own line in the study I can not even begin to predict what this means! The opinion of the first group of researchers who did the Pincombe one name study was that Pincombe and Pinkham had common ancestry. More people with these surnames testing would help to solve this mystery.