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About us

The Pepper name has been distributed world wide. With DNA testing, we can now make the connections for all Peppers regardless of what part of the World they may have migrated to. Our goal is to test as many documented Pepper lines as possible. We will then make the tests results available for researchers to validate their research. Anyone who is trying to determine which Pepper line they came from can use their test results to compare with others who have been tested and know which Pepper line they came from. If you would like to join our project just click on: "REQUEST TO JOIN THIS GROUP" in the upper left corner of this page.

Family Tree DNA has established a fund for our project to be used when persons wish to provide sponsorship for a DNA test. The intent is to secure participation of persons who would otherwise be unable to afford a DNA test. You can designate how your funds will be used, for example, specifically for a particular lineage, for Pepper family members from a certain location, or for a specific person. You may also make a general donation to the Pepper DNA Project, which can be allocated at the group administrators' discretion. Donations can be made by clicking on the link in the menu at left. Make sure to choose the Pepper DNA Project as the recipient. You may designate a certain lineage, or person, in the Note field.