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About us

The Pepper(s) Worldwide DNA project's goal is to locate as many Peppers as possible so as to determine how many Pepper lines exist and how closely they are all related. We all constantly run into those who have the Pepper name and always wonder, are we related? Using DNA testing techniques we hope to answer that question. If you are a male with the surname Pepper or a close variation please accept our invitation to join the project. If you are a female who has a Pepper father, brother, uncle or first cousin you can also participate by having them provide the necessary painless sample. Project members will receive a discount on the DNA tests. As a result of more Peppers participating in the Pepper DNA project, we have been breaking down brick walls and helping to locate unknown ancestors. If you have a well documented line you can help your lost cousins find their heritage. Or you may be able to confirm that link that you may have doubted. Maybe you just want to determine who you ancestors were. Join us today.