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This site is being used in conjunction with "Pepler and Peplow"   to study the Pepler/Peplow family of surnames.

The study is organized into family groups and at present have tests from several family groups.  Family Groups 1900-1 and 1900-2 share enough markers that it can be assumed that their paper trail is correct and they share a common ancestor.  Family Groups 1001 and 1006 would appear to define the Shawbury Line.  Family Groups 1502 and 1504, both coming from the Hessen area of Germany also would appear to have a common ancestor.  Finally 1002 and 1005 appear to have a common ancestor.   

If your group is not yet represented, please join and we will establish a profile depending on your results or find the group you match.

As both spellings arise in England and Germany in similar early periods - one pertinent question would be "was there a common ancestor".  DNA is probably the only way to determine this as records before 1500s are not always available.