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About us

At the time of this writing, January 2014, the Pemberton DNA Project is over 3 years old and has over a dozen tests either completed or in progress so we are off to a very good start.

These first tests have proved the value of DNA as a guide to documentary research. Among other things, we have identified the DNA of the famous ffrench-Pemberton line and the Huguenot line. The former's DNA is completely different which confirms the family tradition that it began with a foundling in an orphanage in England. The second's is different enough to show that the nearest common ancestor with other major Pemberton lines is about 1,000 year earlier.

An exciting development is the merging of two previously separated Pemberton pedigrees. DNA has shown that a Pemberton line through the Virginia Colony back into Cheshire has a near common ancestor with a line that has been in Cheshire for at least 3 centuries. The researchers on these two lines are working to complete the merge.

Finally, and in a way the most interesting news: we have deduced the exact DNA of a George Pemberton of Cheshire, England, born about 1660. 

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