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There are a whole host of very similar sounding surnames typically of the pattern P-vowel-L-vowel-N, such as Palin, Pelan and Pelling.

There is much evidence, both anecdotal and documentary, of these names mutating between different forms over hundreds of years which makes it very difficult to identify ancestral origins and if there are any connections between different variants occuring in isolation.

Are the Pelans of Ulster connected to the Pelans of Brittany? Are Pellings really Pelans or vice versa? Are Cheshire Palins connected
to each other or to other similar groups? Where do the Nottinghamshire Palings fit in and are they related to the Paylings and Pailings?

This project aims to reveal these different ancestral lines which might otherwise be hidden and to answer questions about common origins.

Those interested in specific surnames can look at the following sites;

* http://pelan.org (mostly Pelan & Palen, background)
* http://palinfamily.tribalpages.com/ (Palin)

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