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About us

The scope of this project includes all surnames phonetically or orthographically similar to Pelan, Palen, Palin, Paling, Pelling, Pallant, Pollan, Poland etc. The core pattern are the P-L-N sounds but includes substantial variation, particularly with the last consonant, like Pawley or Pauley. Please note that this does not include non-aspirated Ps like Phelan or Phelin (i.e. where the P has an F-like sound). There is already a project for these surnames and as yet no connections between the two surname classes have been found. Any male bearing a relevant surname is welcome to contribute their Y-DNA results for cross-comparison. Results will be compared with any relevant projects - surname, geographical, SNP etc. Those interested in specific surnames can look at the following sites; * http://pelan.org (mostly Pelan & Palen, background) * http://palinfamily.tribalpages.com/ (Palin) Geographical areas of particular interest are counties Antrim, Down and Armagh (eastern Ulster) in Ireland and Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk in England (Midlands/East Anglia). We would like to specifically encourage Canadian, Dutch and French participation too.

People with rare surnames are strongly recommended to test their Y-DNA before their surnames are lost by lack of male heirs.