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About us

The Peden DNA Research Project is open to all male Pedens bearing that name or the most common variant spelling of Paden. Less common variant spellings would include Peddin, Padan, Pedan, Peadin, Padon, Payden, etc. and all are encouraged to participate in the Project.

In Scottish Clan lore and history the Peden surname derives from, and is one of the many variants of, MacFadyen, a sept of the Clan MacLean of Lochbuie. Peden/Padyn and variant spellings deriive from Paidin, a dimnutive of the Scots Gaelic form of Padruig, or Patrick. In the early 1600's an unknown number of Pedens migrated to Ulster Province in Ireland. Colonial America received at least five different Peden families that migrated primarily from Ireland but at least one or two possibly from Scotland. There were 19th and 20th century migrations of Pedens from both Ireland and Scotland to the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Peden DNA Research Project seeks to identify as many of the various Peden male descendants, regardless of location, and determine if they are related and indeed descend from one common ancestor.