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About us

Welcome to the Payne Family DNA Project. We are proud to be among the 1st to take advantage of DNA testing as a means to advance our family genealogy. Our project began in 2000 with 25 original participants who were tested by Relative Genetics, now doing business as

Patrick Payne  later opted to conduct a second round of testing using Family Tree DNA. This "second round" of testing was intended to be much like the first round, but, thanks to FTDNA, any Male PAYNE (meaning any male born to a Payne father) can join the project at any time from this web site. You can also click or cut and past the following link into your web browser:

PLEASE NOTE: The original Project web site that had been located at is no longer being maintained as Family Tree DNA has a public page available at From this page, anyone can generate a Y-DNA Results chart by simply clicking on the Y Results tab. The report is automatically created each time someone clicks this button. Therefore, they can be assured that the chart is accurate and contains all of the FTDNA results that are currently available. Our Relative Genetics participants, however, are not included on this chart. If you are one of our Relative Genetics participants or, if you are interested in the results of one of these participants, then all you need to do is locate the Lineage that participant was originally assigned (Lineage 1, Lineage 2, etc) on the new chart.

I encourage anyone considering to have DNA testing performed to spend some time getting to know what it is all about by visiting the wealth of information provided by FTDNA in their FAQ and other pages. The FAQ is located at For those who are skeptical or concerned about DNA testing, here is what FTDNA has to say in response to some common misconceptions:

There is also a very good forum where you can address all of your questions to FTDNA directly and to their customers who often assist in answering questions. Other resources include the Payne mailing lists at I am discouraging people from contacting me directly unless you want to discuss my Specific Line which is on the chart in Group I-P37 as Michael Forrest Payne  a cousin and our common ancestor is Moses Payne born about 1787. The best way to get my attention is to post on the activity feed/forum on this site. I check it often. The best place to look for your YDNA results is on FTDNA's colorized chart. The chart is now sorted into haplogroups and within each haplogroup matching subgroups. The unmatched kits are at the beginning of each grouping followed by the matched group. Members who have tested only 12 markers are left in the unmatched portion since about all you get with the 12 marker test is your predicted haplo type. If however you share a 12 marker match(12 for 12) with some other kit let me know and I can make you a new group or move you to an existing group if you can trace your line to a common ancestor in that group. Wally Smith