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PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING TO JOIN THE PROJECT. HAVING ONE OF THE TARGET SURNAMES DOES NOT GUARANTEE ELIGIBILITY TO JOIN. This project analyzes the DNA of men who descend along the DIRECT MALE LINE from the Palatine men who left Germany during the early 18th century, DURING THE PERIOD 1708-1710 OR SOON THEREAFTER. Many of these men were assigned so-called Hunter List numbers when they arrived in New York State. The intent is to determine any interrelationships, foster family reunions, and enhance our understanding and knowledge of our own origins and history. We are also interested in testing by descendants of family members who stayed in Germany while others emigrated (siblings of emigrants, etc.). If you currently live in Germany and believe a brother of your ancestor was part of the 1708-1710 Palatine Emigration, you are a great candidate for our project. If you are a woman interested in testing the direct male line of a Palatine ancestor, please consider whether you have identified a suitable male (father, brother, uncle, etc.) WITH THE TARGET SURNAME who is available to be tested. (If you believe you are descended along the direct female line from a FEMALE member of the Palatine Emigration, this project will not be suitable for you.)