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Henry Penrod Henry Penrod
January 8 @ 7:25pm
John Teske
January 22 @ 4:38pm
This is a nice. What is it? John Teske
John Teske John Teske has a question!
June 28, 2019 @ 10:50am
Do any of the known descendants of the original IP immigrants have DNA on file to be compared with we newbies? Within the last month I submitted DNA to IP. So far nothing. John Teske
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John Teske
August 18 @ 7:57am
I have about 4,500 individuals in my family tree data base. The Teske name goes back to 1699 in northern Poland. I doubt that I could download the entire data base onto this web site. I am waiting to see if my DNA is a Palatine match before I go any further. So far no match. John Teske
Paul Switzer
November 6 @ 5:40pm
My brother Paul Switzer, descendant from Johann Christopher Switzer, one of the brothers who settled in Courtmatrix in 1709 has done the BigY test. His haplogroup is I-Z382 (Before the BigY it was I-M253). I have not found Y Dna very helpful in tracing ancestors.
Norman Fox
December 10 @ 5:08pm
John, interesting to find a Teske, which is my father's side of my family, from northern Poland. Are you Pomeranian? There is a whole organization and 2 newsletters. My Mom's side of the family is Palatine Fox/Fuchs. Have you researched your name from the Henry (Hank) Jones books? He lists all the immigrants from Germany/Ireland those that settle in NY, NJ, Penn. and North Carolina.
John Teske
January 22 @ 10:11am
Just recently on a one week trip to Ireland, I was able to connect with an IPA Teskey. I have had a DNA sent to him to see if we are genetically related. Hope to find out soon. This is the kind of thing I was hoping for from this web site. What was your oldest Teske's given name? I have records of many Teskes from Pomerania and other local areas. There were generations of Teske families settled along the Netze River for which I have records. At one time I met one of their descendants living near me. John Teske, Northern Virginia.
Richard Wismer Richard Wismer has a question!
January 4 @ 8:55pm
Is anyone a descendant of Jacob Wisemore/Wismer who came with his wife, daughter and son, Jacob to New Bern, NC in 1709?
John Dobbs John Dobbs
October 22 @ 3:59pm
Y-DNA Puzzle…DOBBS, DOP, TOP, DOPFF, DAUB, MAAS, ANDERS, BUNCH, LIVELYThree Y-DNA matches presented with what continues to be an unsolved puzzle. We are hoping that some of you might recognize pieces of one of these families as ancestors of your own or cousin matches from autosomal DNA testing and supply additional clues. More info available. Y-DNA Match, North Carolina. The earliest known ancestor of this match, David Dopp/Dobbs, born c1746-1755 is first found with certainty in North Carolina in 1785, Surry Co, on Capt Kraus’ District tax list, near Maas and Anders, known collateral names. Here the name is spelled Tobb. In 1786 on this list it is spelled Dobbs and Kraus is spelled Krouse. David may have been there a little earlier as he occurs also on a list of “farm owners in Wachovia 1779 and later”. This David was a wheelwright. He appears in Allen, Kentucky by 1810. Y-DNA Match, Dutchess County, New York, Palatine. The Dutchess County, NY, Dop/Dobbs family is documented back to the 1660’s in Medard, Germany. They appear on the Palatine Hunter Lists, to New York 1709. One member of this family, Christian Dobbs, served in the Southern Campaign in the Revolutionary War. His family is well represented on both Patriot and Loyalist sides. We do not find records of him in Canada after the war or evidence of him returning to Dutchess County. We do find records in Louisa County, VA beginning in 1783 for a Christian Dobbs, who we believe is the same man. Y-DNA Match, Louisa County Virginia—Bunch surname. In June of 2018 we learned of a third Y-DNA match. This was significant as it was closely tied geographically to Christian Dobbs of Louisa County, VA. It was unusual in that it was not a Dobbs male, but rather a man of a completely different family surname. Louisa County, VA Dobbs Related Records Deeds Book: J, Page: 334, Grantor: Dunn, Thomas, Grantee: Ore, James, Date: 12-Apr-1802 Plat #: 29 Book: VALG 27:552 Grantee: Ore, James, Date: 13-Mar-1793 Book: F, Page: 247, Grantor: Perkins, Michael & Wineford, Grantee: Ore, James, Date: 10-Sep-1787 Louisa Circuit Court There is also a fragment record of a June 1786 Judgement in the Louisa County Court showing that Christian Dobb placed money for a bond for “Usley Dobs & Fanny Franes for an assault on Ann Guthrie”. We believe the bond to be for his wife Ursula and (her sister?) Fanny. Louisa County Tithables Christian Dobbs appears in the 1785 for Trinity & Fredericksville Parish along with many Bunch and Farris names Thomas Gutherie appears in the 1785 Fredericksville Parish William Gutherie and Joseph Lively appear in an undated list, which due to the “list taken by” noted is identified as one of the missing lists from 1776-1779. John Lively appears in Trinity Parish 1770. Louisa County, VA Dobbs Family Register Christian Dobbs, b 19 Nov, bp 27 Nov 1748, Dutchess Co, NY, son of Martin Dop and Maria Barbara (d/o Christian Bergh and Anna Maria Wollevan), mar Jan 1783, in Fluvanna Co VA, Ursuley Frances. Christian Dobbs and Ursula Francis Children: 1. David, born 1783, married 11 Jan 1807, Fluvanna Co, VA, Polly/Mary Lively. Blacksmith. Children: a. Son 1 b c1809, perhaps Johnson Dobbs, b1809, also a blacksmith b. Dau 1 b c1811 perhaps Elizabeth Louisa. c. Dau 2 b c1813 (mark is gone in 1840) d. Dau 3 b c1815 perhaps Melvina. e. Dau 4 b c1817 f. Dau 5 b c1820/21 g. Christian b c1823/4 Louisa Co VA, miller, enlisted US Army June 1846, d 28 Feb 1849 at the mouth of the Rio Grande h. Richard b c1827 i. Son 4 b 1830 dy j. Margaret b c1835 2. Rebecca, born c1788, married Aug 1820, VA, Washington Sprouse Bondsman, Sylvanus Meeks. Apparently related to James and Kezia (Lowery) Sprouse, Anderson Sprouse, Garland Sprouse and William Sprouse. 3. A son born c1791, appears as a mark with dau Nancy in 1830, no further record 4. Sarah born c1793, married Sylvanus Meeks 29 Dec 1817, Fluvanna Co, VA. Marriage records notes Christian Dobbs as Sarah’s father. Children (Meeks): a. John C b c1821. Bricklayer. b. Eliza born 1824. Appears to have married a Ross and had one daughter Sarah c. Mary born 1826. Still unm in 1870. d. Son 2, born 1828-1830. perhaps the Hercini Meeks or Henry M Meeks we find living with John C Meeks in 1850, also bricklayers. 5. A son born c1796, one of the marks in Nancy’s 1830 home. No further record. 6. Nancy born c1799, married Richard Johnson c1830. She died 8 May 1861, Louisa, Louisa, VA, age 62. Children (Johnson): a. Colin b1831 b. Lewis b 1834 c. George W b 1836 d. Benjamin b 1838 Bunch DNA Match Going back to the earliest documented ancestor of the Y-DNA Bunch match, George G. Bunch, the most likely possibility appears to be that he was the son of Elizabeth Bunch, who was the daughter of David Bunch II and Judith Bunch. David and Judith were first cousins. If this theory is correct, then George G. Bunch was born about a decade before his mother Elizabeth's marriage (1825) to David Eastham; George would be the "male under 10" enumerated in the 1820 census with his mother (presumably) and Bunch grandparents in Louisa County, and would likely also be the male age 10-15 listed in David Eastham's Louisa County household in 1830. That year the David Eastham household is enumerated two doors away from David Dobbs’ (presumed son of Christian Dobbs) home. Bunch Family Research Looking only at this narrow piece of the Bunch family, we were able to quickly see a close geographical relationship. In the Louisa County 1790’s poll lists near Christian Dobbs we find the following, all surname Bunch (the number of hits are noted after each name.): Anderson 2, Ch’s 1, Charles 3, David 2, Geo 3, George 1, Nath.l 1, Nathl 1, Paul 4, Saml 2, Tho 2, Tho.s 1, Thomas 1. On these poll lists there are two entries for a William Farris, another surname that is also Bunch-related. In the Louisa County Will book there is a Febea/Feebea Bunch witnessing will of Gilbert Gibson, proved 1764. Elizabeth Bunch, dau of David & Judith Bunch Elizabeth was born c1793, Louisa County, VA and died 17 Jun 1860, Louisa, Louisa, VA. She married David Eastham 17 Nov 1825, Louisa County, VA. David was the son of John Eastham, born c1801 and died 3 May 1871, Fluvanna County, VA. After she died, David married second Lucy ( ). Elizabeth (Bunch) Eastham had the following children: 1. George G Bunch, b c1815 (the target of this joint family study, but his link to Elizabeth is not yet conclusively documented). Born Feb 1814, died 30 Jul 1880 and is buried with wife and son Willie at Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, VA. He married Frances A. Lawrence 2 Sep 1841, Augusta County VA. Children (Bunch): a. George H b 1843 Augusta Co VA b. Mary M b 1847 Augusta Co VA c. Millard F b 1857 Augusta Co VA d. Willie Lee b 1863 Augusta Co VA 2. John B Eastham, born 1828, died July 1869, Southern District, Louisa, VA. He was a doctor. He married 4 Oct 1858, Anna E Pettus. No known children. 3. Julia (or Judith) Ann Eastham, born c1830, married Sep 1859 Edward Eastham, son of James and Rachael Eastham. He was born c1827, Albemarle Co, VA. Children (Eastham): a. Bettie A born c1864 b. Willie born c1867 c. George born 1870.
Paul Switzer
December 26 @ 3:48pm
My brother Paul Switzer is in this group because our direct paternal ancestors were Switzers (Irish Palatines). However we also have Dobbs ancestors, from Abbeyleix, Queens County, (Laois) Ireland. We believed that they came from a British army family settled in Ireland in Cromwell's time.
Paul Switzer Paul Switzer
August 25 @ 2:02am
My brother (Paul Switzer)'s up grade to BigY700 results came back last week I-Z382 Direct Ancestor Johann Christopher Switzer1686-1755
Paul Loucks Paul Loucks
September 18, 2017 @ 11:19am
I'm still at a road block when searching for the parents Of Samuel Loucks and his siblings B. Oct.13,1813 at Mt.Peasant Berks Co., Pa. D. March 2, 1898 married Catherine Stoutd of Berks Co, Pa. May have been living in the area of Pleasant Valley, Now Blue Marsh Lake and Rec. Area. any help appreciated
Paul Loucks
February 8, 2019 @ 8:49am
Still stuck at this point in time. Again any help would be greatly appreciated.
Clayton Boyer (NPE Lauck)
June 18, 2019 @ 7:28pm
Had any progress? Is this your Samuel,
Janice Louks Janice Louks
May 19, 2019 @ 12:22pm
Good morning! I am Janice (Louks) Oliver. I recently joined the group as I had my 87 year old father's DNA tested. Pur line traces beck as far as Johann Niclaus Laucks 1630, Wallau, Hessen, Darmstadt, Germany. The assumption is that the family were Huguenots, and got kicked around a lot. Apparently several brothers and cousins came to N America in the late 1600's early 1700's. From New York area they spread to Pennsylvania, Canada and Michigan before heading west. My G-Grandfather'e homestead is still in existence, though not livable, in South Dakota. No questions at this time, but I have lots of information available if anyone is looking.
Phillip Shirts
May 24, 2019 @ 10:28pm
This is from his entry: Birth • • about 1630 Igstadt, Wiesbaden, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia, Germany Last Changed: May 17, 2016 by Christening Death • • November 1706 Wallau, Wiesbaden, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia, Germany Last Changed: May 17, 2016 by Burial • • November 1706 Wallau, Wallau, Wiesbaden, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia, Germany Last Changed: May 17, 2016 by
Phillip Shirts
May 24, 2019 @ 10:30pm
I'm trying to figure out if we are related. As my ancestor is also from Hesse-Darmstadt.
Clayton Boyer (NPE Lauck)
June 18, 2019 @ 6:41pm
Hello, I just joined recently and I belong to a line of Lauck's that trace to Achern, Ortenaukreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. I look forward to comparing the Y DNA.
Clayton Boyer (NPE Lauck)
June 18, 2019 @ 7:23pm
Different Haplogroup from your Laucks ancestor, but did find my 6th cousin 1x removed is on the group. We share a common ancestor Matthias Lauck b. 11 FEB 1728 • Achern, Ortenaukreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany d. 9 MAR 1810 • Renchen, Ortenaukreis, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Kevin Allec Kevin Allec
May 18, 2019 @ 2:37pm
Hello All, I am new to the group. The family surname is Keele although that is the English translation. There were 7 children orphaned during the trip to the colonies. These children where either all from the same family or cousins. Possible German surname Kelil, Keil, Kehl. The seven orphans all ended up settling in Bertie County NC starting in 1715. The seven orphans were William, Mary, John, Deborah, Samuel, Nathaniel, and Hardy. It has been a long held family belief that these children were part of the Palatine Emigration. I have substantial US history on the family but no trace prior to 1715.
Jack Merkley Jack Merkley
July 23, 2018 @ 12:49pm
Memorial stone located in Williamsburg, Dundas County, Ontario, Canada
Benjamin Jr Bellis Benjamin Jr Bellis has a question!
April 16, 2018 @ 11:01am
I'm not seeing any new posts to this project. The last one I see is the one I posted 21 March @ 9:22am so am wondering if I need to change a setting or something... Tks.
Peter Lightner
April 16, 2018 @ 3:53pm
The problem is not on your end. While there is interest in this genealogy; the interest does not extend to DNA testing as yet. (Maurer/Mouer/Mower line)