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The purpose of the Pace DNA Project is to determine the possible relationships between different Pace family lines worldwide. The Pace DNA Project was initially begun by the Pace Society of America ( in 2002. While many of the Society's members are Pace descendants of English descent, along with some of German descent (the Pees/Pace surname), Paces of all nationalities are welcome in the project.  You do not need to be a member of the Pace Society of America to participate in the Pace DNA project nor does participation in the Pace DNA project make you a member of the Pace Society of America.

The Pace DNA project's main focus is on yDNA testing of the surname line, but the project also accepts those who have Pace ancestry and have tested their autosomal DNA (Family Finder, AncestryDNA, 23andMe, etc.)

Autosomal DNA testing (Family Finder, AncestryDNA, 23andMe, etc.) usually only gives you information about the first few generations of your ancestors. It is a great starting point. But if you are wanting to learn more about how you relate to different branches of your family going further back in time through DNA testing, yDNA testing will be the way to go, testing male relatives of your different ancestral lines. YDNA testing to 111 yDNA STR markers and BigY testing that provides SNPs and will soon be providing up to 500 yDNA STR markers will help surname projects in a genealogical time frame. The BigY DNA test can identify family SNPs that occur about every 4 generations, so applicable in the Pace surname project. There is so much yet to learn about the different Pace families through yDNA testing. The chart of the "Y Giant Tree" below was created by Mike Walsh who granted permission to share on 1/8/2018 (revised image 1/10/2018).  A larger copy of the tree image can currently be found at