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This project is for those who have one of the surnames shown (see the Surnames tab)  in their pedigree and have had, or wish to order, a Family Finder or Y-DNA test. Project members must have a tree containing at least three generations of nonliving ancestors with dates and places of birth and death, or as much as is known. The tree must be freely accessible to project members and matches either at Family Tree DNA or elsewhere. Contact the project administrator with questions. 

Traditional projects at FTDNA have been devoted especially to Y-DNA tests and surnames. This project applies to your entire pedigree and is open to both males and females who have one of the surnames (see Surnames tab) shown in their pedigree. Each individual testee must perform his own analysis of his or her test results, although I will provide guidelines and advice and counsel as needed. The Results page will contain case studies as supplied by project members showing DNA-proven relationship to the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) in various lines. The project has a "message board" (see Activity Feed tab)  where you are encouraged to post queries, discussions, photos -- anything that will help your research and use of DNA. Many of you will have Family Finder matches with each other because you are cousins, perhaps having come from a particular surname project. Be aware that this does not mean the atDNA (autosomal DNA) has come down to you in that surname family. The atDNA you share with someone else can come from an entirely different part of your pedigree -- father's or mother's line.

You will notice that this website for our project has a section devoted to web links, especially for family trees. It is a waste of money, time and energy for yourself and your matches not to provide as bushy and complete a tree as possible, since genealogical research and DNA testing must go together. If you are not willing to post a tree online, you must at least be willing to provide a complete pedigree in private correspondence with a match. When you join this project, please be sure to send a link to your tree to the project administrator for inclusion on this page. Other web links may be to blogs, videos or articles of interest. Include your Gedmatch ID here and anywhere you have a tree. To be added to this list, please send your Gedmatch ID and a link to your tree to me (doriswh AT gmail.com)

Family Tree Links:

Doris Wheeler: GEDMatch ID A206179, Doris's Genealogy,  WorldConnect, Ancestry, Wikitree

M. Luhmann: GEDMatch ID MB9290, (any of Doris's links, above)

Mike Parker: My Family Tree

Informational Links:

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