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About us

Please do not post links to third party companies ----- non FTDNA projects -----new members are confused by these links.   This can be done offsite  and on SNP projects and forums with more advanced membership.

2015 finds up working with SNP testing to further refine our STR work over the past decade and a half or so.    

We are moving ever toward present day with SNP comparisons by Big Y and other advanced sequencing of yDNA results.

February 2014

Hello O'Donnell..........

Linda McKee here and I wanted to say hello to everyone.

This is an exciting time for our yDNA work.   New Big Y results will be showing up from FTDNA any day now and are we in for an exciting time!

The forums are abuzz with chatter about all of the new and first time ever SNPs showing up and giving us new options to learn about for future tests we might choose to further our yDNA research.

Let us hear from you if you want to talk about it..............