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From Irish Names and Surnames 1923

Ó DOMHNAILL—I—O Donill, O Daniell, O'Donnell, Donnell, Daniel; 'descendant of Domhnall' (world-mighty, an ancient and very common Irish personal name, now generally anglicised Daniel); the name of several distinct families in Ireland, of which the following were the most important:—(1) Ó Domhnaill of Tirconaill. This family is descended from Conall Gulban, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, and for four centuries was one of the most powerful in Ireland. The original patrimony of this family was Cinel Luighdheach, a mountainous district between the Swilly and the Dobhar, but on the decline of the O'Muldorys and O'Canannains, some time after the Anglo-Norman invasion, they became the ruling family in Tirconnell. Previous to that event, only two of the immediate ancestors of the O'Donnells had been lords of Tirconnell, namely, Dalach, who died in 868 and from whom they derived their later clan-name of Clann Dalaigh, and his son, Eigheachan, who was the father of Domhnall from whom they took the surname of Ó Domhnaill, or O'Donnell. The family produced many able chieftains who, during the four stormy centuries that the O'Donnells held sway in Tyrconnell, not only defended their territory against foreign and native foes, but made their power respected throughout the north and west of Ireland. The most celebrated of all the chieftains of Tirconnell was Red Hugh O'Donnell, who so often led his clan to victory in the closing years of the reign of Elizabeth. Many of the O'Donnells were distinguished military commanders in the service of continental powers, and in the last century, Leopold O'Donnell became prime minister of Spain and Duke of Tetuan. The O'Donnells of Limerick and Tipperary are, according to O'Donovan, descended from Shane Luirg, son of Turlough O'Donnell of the Wine, lord of Tirconnell at the beginning of the 15th century. (2) Ó Domhnaill of Corcabaskin, in West Clare. This family derives its descent from Domhnall, son of Diarmaid, lord of Corcabaskin, who was slain at the battle of Clontarf in 1014. The O'Donnells continued to be lords of Corcabaskin until dispossessed by the MacMahons early in the 14th century. They are, no doubt, still numerous in Thomond. (3) Ó Domhnaill of Ui Maine, who were chiefs of Clann Flaitheamhail, in the present Co. Galway. (4) Ó Domhnaill of Carlow, anciently lords of Ui Drona, now the barony of Idrone. (5) Ó Domhnaill, of Cinel Binnigh, a sept of the Cinel Eoghain. (6) Ó Domhnaill of Ui Eathach, a sept of the Oirghialla, who were seated in the present Co. Armagh. The O'Donnells are now very numerous, especially in Ulster and Munster.


This group is yDNA orientated and the current project administrator does not do any genealogy work for the members.

When I first visited the O'Donnell Group it was immediately obvious that the group was long time abandoned at FTDNA.     

The  yDNA results of the project members had never been organized into meaningful subgroups.   When working with some members and needing to have members' results grouped for research I requested that FTDNA appoint me as a volunteer administrator of the FTDNA.

Volunteers co-admin(s)   is(are) needed that are willing to help members with their O'Donnell Genealogy and research. 

Linda McKee


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August 4th 2014

Having just sent to the delete file of my personal email account an email that I received from someone claiming to be writing about a kit that had been set to FTDNA............

No name given, no kit number given, no dates, not a clue as to if this email might be from Mars rather than from a legitimate person having a legitimate question.

I have been burned a few times on these emails but no more......................

In the first place this person must contact FTDNA............period.   If I have not even a kit number and the person is not even in one of the projects I work with, I cannot help you.

In the second place if you are just looking for general information, writing an email to the listed admin or co-admin is just not the best way to do this.     Security worries are so high and we receive so many emails that we have to constantly beware of opening and responding to strange emails that we have no clue for who they are coming from.

The FTDNA......familytreedna.com..........have plenty of information available through their public site.   There are links to projects and links to F&Qs.    

Please take the time to go through the proper procedures with these issues.   Once you have that kit number and the admin team has a personal page and email address and name to work with then the admins come into play on the account.

Thanks very much for your consideration of this issue.

O'Donnell Group

June 9th 2014


Dear O'Donnell  Group,

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mtDNA testers! Women who have O'Donnell's in their genealogical family tree are welcome to add their mtDNA results to this group!  You may upload your family tree mtDNA data with GEDCOM family tree genealogical data, showing all surnames including O'Donnell surnames.   Your membership grants your access to those with whom you may find kinship.

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