North of Ireland

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About us

The purpose of the project is to

  • Promote DNA testing by those whose heritage is from the North of Ireland.

  • Offer information, support and training for those who test and manage DNA tests of others.

  • Share DNA results to facilitate genealogical connections.

  • Carry out research into the DNA of the North of Ireland.

Members are also encouraged to join other relevant projects, including their specific surname project, their relevant haplogroup projects, and any relevant geographic projects - see links below.

Haplogroup projects

Geographic Projects

For Surname projects, just google "FTDNA" and "your surname". 

To join any project, just click on JOIN REQUEST on the dark blue bar at the top of the project page. Then click on Option B if you want to buy a test and join the project, or Option A if you already have taken a test and have your username and password.