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Nisbet(t)/Nesbit(t) Clan versus branch
A clan is a Scottish family group with a common surname
So we all (or one of our ancestors) belong to the NN clan, but we are many different branches. The name being taken at different points of time for many different reasons.

Our Clan Chief Mark Nesbitt represents DNA Group 1. Several members do match with Mark and the original Nisbet of that ILK family, including David Nisbet, past president of the UK Society.
an be traced back to 1400,s.
Alexander Nisbet the Herald belongs to this branch.
Also the branch that built Castle at West Nisbet. Robert Chancellor Nesbitt also belongs to this branch and wrote the book -Nisbet of That Ilk.
DNA for this branch is known

DNA Group 2 seems to be from Northern Ireland and so far no connection to Scotland has been found.
DNA-2 is known to come from the village of Rathfriland, County Down, Ireland. 
They have settled in New Jersey late 1600's and Southern PA about 1730. Many descendants of the Nesbitt's in both these locations are DNA-2.

DNA group 3 includes Nisbet of Greenholm, Nisbet of CarphinAlexander Nisbet reported to have been born 1731 at sea on route to America, who settled in North Carolina, Nesbitt of Ballyhaise Co Cavan
This group is now world-wide, having members tested in Scotland, England, Norway, Australia, Canada, and the USA., and has English and Scottish Border connections,

Greenholm  branch can be traced back to Ayrshire in 1400's. Was thought to have been a branch of NN of that Ilk but DNA has proven this to be untrue.
DNA is known for this branch. Murdoch Nisbet who created one of the earliest Bible translations into Scots and and John Nisbet the martyr no doubt belong to this branch. Murdock Nisbet's translation of the New Testament is found in the British Museum.

Nisbet of Carphin -DNA is known and is of the same branch as Nisbet of Greenholm. They went from Ayrshire to Lanarkshire and were also in Ireland. They were also in the West Indies and at Jamaica their plantation is now a Caribbean plantation resort. The widow of Josiah Nisbet of this branch married Capt Horatio Nelson Lord Nelson.

We also have many small DNA groups containing 2 or 3 people.