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About us

The Nesbitt-Nisbet Society administrates the DNA testing of family lines to determine if and when we may connect with a common ancestor. The project administrator is Jean Skar of Norway for Y-DNA and co-administrator, is Adam Nisbett of the USA for autosomal DNA testing (Family Finder) . DNA testing is very accurate and may help with connecting those who have exhausted all the usual research methods. 
This is a simple saliva test which is done by you in your home, , and there is NO medical information given from this type of testing.

Since one of the primary goals of this project is to explore and compare Y-DNA profiles from the various NN (Nesbitt/Nisbet) lines and to aid NN researchers in making new connections to and among these lines .

Ensure the privacy settings on your account  are set as follows:

Who can view my Most Distant Ancestor? = Anyone 
Who can see me in project member lists? = Anyone
Who can view my DNA results in group projects? = Anyone

The Y-DNA side of the project is the primary aspect of the project, being linked to the Nisbet surname since it's passed father to son. Since only the men have the Y chromosome, it is easier, cheaper, and more accurate to test them.  Women should attempt to find a male Nesbitt relative for testing and volunteer to pay for the kit. The volunteer's DNA must be from an unbroken line of male Nesbitts.

We usually recommend the 37-marker test ,which is enough to verify (or disprove) that you match others from your Nisbet DNA line, but doesn't really indicate how closely you'd be related beyond that. The cost is currently $159 US. All the Scottish Clans are doing the Y-Chromosome testing, and only the MEN have the Y-DNA. Women should attempt to find a male Nesbitt-Nisbet relative for testing and pay for the kit. The volunteer's DNA must be from an unbroken line of a male Nesbitt-Nisbet, any spelling.

BigY test
It is probably the most important test you can take. The most advanced (and expensive) (only offered as an upgrade ), which has enough detail to find specific mutations unique to your sub-branch of Nisbets and can give an idea of how far back your line split off from other sub-branches of your Nisbet DNA branch even beyond your known ancestor. Big Y has the ability to discover SNPs that are pertinent to the genealogical time-frame, the last couple of hundred years. It is a test that discovers new SNPs by scanning over 10 million locations on the Y chromosome. The tremendous benefit in this is you will discover SNPs for just your paternal lineage as well as identify ancient SNPs that you may share with many, many other people. It's the CHAIN OF MUTATIONS that determines your place on the tree.

Family Finder
For ALL Nesbitt-Nisbet descendants, including women and maternal line descendants, the Nesbitt-Nisbet project is attempting to make use of autosomal DNA testing (Family Finder) to track recent Nesbitt-Nisbet ancestry under the administration of Adam Nisbett. To participate in this aspect of the project, join the project,order the Family Finder test, and upload a family tree tracing back to your known Nesbitt-Nisbet ancestors.