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An extensive report about this project, including the current results, can be viewed at: There are many Mumma surname branches in the United States that can not be connected together through civil or church records. For example, we did not know whether or not the immigrants, Jacob, Leonard and Peter Mumma were brothers, cousins or not related at all. We were not sure from which immigrant various "unconnected" branches descended. They arrived in Philadelphia in 1731, 1732 & 1748 respectively. There were questions as to whether individuals with the Mummey, Moomey surname or the Canadian Mumas descend from a common Mumma ancestor. In addition, the Mumma surname does not exist outside the United States, except for a small isolated group in Estonia. Family traditions and legends suggest a varitey of the family origins. Some suggest the progenitors were Swiss Mennonites or from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France and were Huguenots. Other stories suggest that the Mumma family descends from Lucium Mummius, the Roman General who destroyed Corinth in 146 BC. Yet another family tradition suggest the surname originated from one of the ancient kingdoms of Ireland called "Muma". The most likely traditon suggested that the MUMMA spelling is a variation of the surname, MOMMA, which can still be found in Germany today. The Wilhelm Momma family has been documented as living in the Aachen-Stolberg area of Germany (then the Holy Roman Empire) near the intersection of the current German-Belgium-Dutch boarder. This family was first identified in that area since the 1500's and descendants of the Momma family reside there to this day. Unfortunately, there has been little proof or evidence to support these family traditions, all of which probably have some truth in them, but selecting the correct pieces is always difficult.