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Hello! This project is open to men and women who have mtDNA testing done by Family Tree DNA, confirming assignment to mtDNA Haplogroup I. MtDNA testing from other companies does not transfer to FTDNA because it is incomplete and contains many gaps. // Your mtDNA is passed down through your direct MATERNAL lineage, which is your mother's mother's mother's line. (There is a separate and unrelated Haplogroup I that pertains to paternal /male Y-DNA testing that has its own set of haplogroup projects.) // FTDNA customers with Full-Sequence mtDNA testing will benefit the most from this project. In your settings for Project Preferences, if you permit project administrators to see your Coding Region data, we can evaluate your specific haplogroup/subclade status. Sometimes, we can assign you to a more refined (specific) updated subclade or tell you if you belong to a subclade that has not yet been identified. // To enable this evaluation, below are steps to ensure that your Project Preferences allow administrators to see your Coding Region results. The data will only be visible to us on password-protected administrative pages and never shared with anyone. // To adjust the settings, please do the following: (1) In the upper right of your FTDNA page, hover your cursor over your name. This will give you a drop-down menu. (2) Choose "Account Settings." (3) Next, click on the tab for "Project Preferences." (4) On the Project Preferences page, scroll down to the the last option, which is for mtDNA Coding Region Sharing. (5) For that option, on the right side of the page, please move the little circle marker to the right to enable project administrators to see the list of Coding Region variants on password-protected administrative pages. // WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY: Our project NEVER shares your name, email, ancestral surnames, family tree or mtDNA data with anyone. Sharing of limited data is only possible if you expressly choose to do so in settings that default as private. // Please read the project pages entitled "Background" and "Results," which contain information about our Haplogroup. Thank you for your interest in mtDNA Haplogroup I. .