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As of April 2018, I no able to view the project members test results. I assume this is due to an incompatibility in the FTDNA web page and my web browser.  In any case, this seems like a good time to resign as a project administrator and hand over the project to another person.   If you are interested in volunteering as a project administrator, please email one of the remaining project admins, or if they do not respond, please contact FTDNA.
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This is the H10 mtDNA Full Genomic Sequence Project. To Join you must:

  • Have Results from the mtDNA Full Mitochondria Sequence, FMS, test at Family Tree DNA.
  • Share your HVR1, HVR2, and Coding Region results with the project administrator.

Account Settings

The coding region results can be used to identify your lowest level subclade and any close matches in the H & HV Projects, to estimate the age and origins of each subclade, and to identify new subclades 

in the H & HV Phylogeny tree

If you make your coding region data visible to administrators your privacy is protected at all times. The coding region results are not shown on the project webpage and will not be made public, and by default

they are also hidden from the project administrators.


To share your coding region results with the project administrators, you can:

- Log into your FTDNA account, click on the tab "My Account" and select "Results Display Settings".

- Check the circle next to “Yes” for " Show My mtDNA Coding Region Mutations to Administrators of these Projects.

You can just select the one to the H & HV project or to all the other projects you maybe in.

- Add the information for your maternal ancestor --this is always a woman, if known.
-Add the geographic coordinates for your maternal ancestor.

H10 mtGenome DNA Project Privacy Statement 

As Administrator the Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) H10 mtGenome DNA Project we give priority to protecting your privacy and to the confidentiality of your personal data. In particular we will not publish your name, e-mail address or other contact details, or share this information with any other project member or other person or organisation without your specific written approval. The only personal data we hold is that relevant to meeting the published goals of our Project, and which has been made available to us by DNA testing companies, in the same format as they make it available to you, or which you have given us direct by e-mail or by post. We hold this data indefinitely or until you request its deletion, and publish anonymized data at on our Project website (https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/finland/about/background) where you may see its current status. We will be pleased to correct any errors in your personal data that you bring to our attention. At your request at any time your data from our project files will be promptly removed. However data that has previously been posted in the public domain cannot be retrieved. In our administration of this project we endeavour to comply with the most recent guidance issued by ISOGG (https://isogg.org/wiki/ISOGG_Project_Administrator_Guidelines) and by FTDNA (www.familytreedna.com/learn/projectadministration/gap-guidelines-ftdna-projects/), and with the Genetic Genealogy Standards and Marja also the Code of Conduct of the Finnish Genealogical Society Suomen Sukututkimusseuran Käytännesäännöt. We endeavor to respond promptly to any queries or complaints you may make about our handling of your personal data for this Project. However you should be aware that some of your concerns may be better forwarded direct to Gene by Gene / Family Tree DNA, the contact ombudsman(@)genebygene.com. Please remember that when you have taken a Family Tree DNA test you have accepted Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Refunds and signed an informed consent.

Volunteering H10 mtGenome DNA project admins: Marja Pirttivaara marja.pirttivaara(@)gmail.com and Gail Tonnesen gtonnesen(@)gmail.com

Using data and information

Information and data obtained from the mtDNA H35 Project must be attributed to the project, administrator, and Family Tree DNA as outlined in the Creative Commons License. Please notify the administrators when using data for public or private research.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a 
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)