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H2 mtGenome

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Richard Blandini Richard Blandini
August 1 @ 3:05am
Interesting paper about the susceptibility to arthritis for carriers of mithocondrial haplogroup H2
Michelle Martian- St George
August 7 @ 1:07pm
Osteo-degenerative Arthritis, Dupuytrens contracture. My mother has Rheumatoid Arthritis and her brother as well, but his has been severe his whole life. My grandmother of my H2a2a2 is 94 and disease free! Same state our whole lives. Very interesting to what causes the severity in each of us. DNA is so amazing. My arthritis is getting a little worse. Not on pharmaceutical meds for any of it yet.
Michelle Martian- St George
August 7 @ 1:10pm
I really want to see how Covid-19 and our haplogroup correlates.
Diana McGuire
August 8 @ 3:53pm
Interesting! I have RA and osteoarthritis.
Carol Ransom Lukander
August 11 @ 7:28am
RA & Osteoarthritis in my maternal relatives & myself as well.
Richard Blandini Richard Blandini
August 7 @ 5:46am
You might find interesting to know that the haplogroup H2 is one of the human MtDNA found in the Holy Shroud of Turin. 😍
Michelle Martian- St George
August 7 @ 1:00pm
Already liking this... will read later. Thank you!
Richard Blandini Richard Blandini
August 4 @ 7:11am
Haplogroup H2a3 coverage map according to Living DNA. In Sicily and Italy is absent.
Richard Blandini Richard Blandini
August 3 @ 4:40am
King Louis XVI' son Louis XVII (1785-1795) was found positve to H2. Test was performed in 2000.
Tiina Allen Tiina Allen
August 2 @ 1:10pm
Kittini on listalla ungrouped? Eli päivittyykö joskus kuitenkin listoille?
Tiina Allen Tiina Allen
August 2 @ 1:01pm
Olenkohan jo esittäytynyt🤔eli täällä H28a2 Haplolainen Helsingistä😊
Richard Blandini Richard Blandini
July 31 @ 7:15pm
I am looking for the member with kit 796181 from Italy. We share the same mutation
Richard Blandini Richard Blandini
July 31 @ 7:04pm
Jean-Paul Marat, murdered french revolutionary is found positive to H2a21f!
Marc Olivier Marc Olivier
July 22 @ 1:45pm
hello everyone! Here is the last state of my research about mtDNA H2. I went back to Levant during Early Neolithic, then Lesser Caucasus and Europe during Late Néolithique/ Chalcolithique. The paper is in French but an english version is coming soon. Available at :
Denise Hobbs nee Gossage
July 22 @ 3:02pm
Thank you, Marc. I will have to wait for the English translation as my 50 year old school French won't cope with it.
Petri Sohlman
July 23 @ 9:01am
Hello, my grandfather’s mtdna is H2a1 from Finland. You write also mtdna haplogroup U5a1b1 and my mother line is same, is it steppe origin from Caucasus like H2a1?
Richard Blandini Richard Blandini
June 22 @ 5:20am
I am italian from the island of Sicily and this is my MtDNA H2a3's age estimation from Yfull. I am quite confused about it. Most sources in internet says this haplogroup is mostly found in Eastern Europe, while others say it's italian. Most researches I did point to Eastern European countries, most of my matches are also Eastern Europeans with two samples from Italy. Any member from here has an idea about it? Any member is H2a3 like me?
Paulina Kiely
July 21 @ 1:30am
Hi, I am H2a3. I am from Bulgaria, but according to 23andme I also have Italian heritage. So could work for both.
Richard Blandini
July 21 @ 4:17am
Hi Paulina. Actually the haplogroup H2a3 seems to be of Eastern European origins, so I am not surprised you are H2a3 but in my case it's very rare in Sicily. It might be a coincidence but in my autosomal test I have Eastern European heritage, which I don't know where it might come from. How much is your italian heritage in 23andme?
Paulina Kiely
July 21 @ 5:00am
Right now it says 6% italian heritage, but last year it was showing up as 11%... So who knows, I think they keep tweaking and revising the estimates.
Richard Blandini
July 21 @ 9:15am
Honestly everybody in Europe always get some percentage of italian. Btw it's interesting you are H2a3. Do you know your earliest maternal ancestor?