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Debi Lopez Debi Lopez has a question!
May 31 @ 9:05pm
Can someone explain why I, and some others, have the letters CRS in the HVR1 Mutations column and others have numbers, please? TYIA
William Schultz
September 10 @ 2:44pm
Not sure what you're seeing, but here is what ISOGG has to say about CRS: The Cambridge Reference Sequence (CRS) for human mitochondrial DNA was first published in 1981 leading to the initiation of the human genome project. The abbreviation "CRS" is also sometimes used to mean "coding region sequence". So, maybe you have no mutations? If you look at your mtDNA results, right underneath the "Download" blue button should be two tabs: "RSRS Values" and "rCRS Values." you can click on either tab, but RSRS is the newer standard, so it is the default.
Debi Lopez
September 12 @ 10:45am
William Schultz Thanks for the explanation.
Eerik Yrjölä Eerik Yrjölä
July 19 @ 2:25pm
There is a change again in the YFull mt. It used to be H2a1a-a4 and it is now H2a1d-a1. This is already a second change to the result.
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Eerik Yrjölä
August 23 @ 4:19pm
There is still some movement within the YFull results. I have mine now moved to H2a1a4a. It is still better that one company at least actively tries to find further branches.
Margareta Holmgren
September 3 @ 12:14pm
So far my YFull experience is a mess. One of my "1" distance matches at Family Finder had H2a1n1 there until today when he informed me his test at YFull had changed to haplogroup M. The messy thing is how they determine age in what seems like the same mutations so differently for different people. Until yesterday my 1 distant match had a mutation G1438A age 8000 ybp, the same mutation in my list was dated 375 ybp. And we have our maternal roots in the same region. Historians estimate that 1200 persons lived in the area in the 1400th century i.e. 600-700 women . I wonder if this is a case of the more you know the less you understand. To put an age to a mutation seems harder than I could imagine, and if the same mutation can pop up at any time and any place, these trees are pointless.
Eerik Yrjölä
September 3 @ 2:16pm
We need to understand that YFull is at the beginning with mtDNA and have a restricted amount of data. This will get better when they get more tests. In my YDNA case they predicted correctly the haplo group before FTDNA. Later FTDNA confirmed the same. It seems to be a long learning experience for companies and their customers. Not everything has been discovered and we may see further changes.
Eerik Yrjölä
September 6 @ 4:11am
Todays Yfull mt haplogroup appearantly is H-c1h1c16d21a2a1j2b1a4b2a. Eagery awaiting tomorrows.
Richard Blandini Richard Blandini
September 5 @ 2:56am
Any H2a3 here?
Nuno Alexandre Zeverino Freire da Silva Meco Nuno Alexandre Zeverino Freire da Silva Meco
September 4 @ 8:26pm
Hello. My name is Nuno. I am from Portugal. I tested the HVR 1 and 2 only, at YSEQ. I have the defining mutation A263A. I think this according to RSRS will put me at the level of the H2a2a haplogroup? I have a FASTA file with my results if necessary. Thank you.
Anna Wilson Anna Wilson has a question!
June 1 @ 1:23pm
Hi, my mtDNA haplogroup is H2a2a. At one point it was H2a2 and then H2a2a1. Currently, my halplogroup has changed to H2a2a. What does this all mean? I’d like to know more about the background, lineage of this group and, in general, more about where this haplogroup is concentrated and what it means. All “matches” have 0 distances (I don’t quite understand what that means either). I’m in the US but my mothers side supposedly immigrated from Wales sometime in the late 1800s (at least that is what my grandmother had told me years ago) but her sister (my great-aunt) had also mentioned there’s Danish and/or other Scandinavian on the maternal side from way back as well but unsure if that’s true or not. Any help or information would be fantastic!
Eerik Yrjölä
June 1 @ 2:39pm
Have you tried YFull? I managed to move my group a step further through YFull.
Richard Blandini
June 2 @ 2:46am
I am H2a2. I am italian.
Richard Blandini
June 2 @ 2:56am
H2a2 seems very common in Nortwest and Estern Europe. I am a lonesome H2a2 from Sicily.
Margareta Holmgren
June 2 @ 10:37am
"0" means that those persons have exactly the same mutation you have. If you look at your Matches map you can see where your matches has placed their oldest known maternal ancestor, if they have filled it in correctly. The "naming" of a mutation can change as more are discovered about all this. If your 0 matches are scattered it might mean that your mutation is an old one: women with this mutation have had a chance to move around with it in the world so to speak, if it is more concetrated to one specific area it was probably "founded" there or there where a clan of very successful women living there with lots of daughters :).
Richard Blandini Richard Blandini
April 16 @ 11:42pm
Any h2a2 from Italy?
Debi Lopez
June 1 @ 11:42am
Richard, I just received my mT results on 23 May, so am still trying to figure out what it all means. But the results say H2a. I’m assuming that means nothing downstream, so H2a is my final haplogroup??? My grandmother was Josephine Florence Terrasi. Her parents were Francesco (Frank) Terrasi and Concetta (Constance) Liberto. The info I have been able to glean so far is that Frank was from Parco (Altofonte), Sicily. Concetta was also from Sicily, but I don’t yet know where exactly. What part of Sicily are you from? And are you in the Sicily project or the Sicilian project? I’ve asked to join both, but it still says pending.
Richard Blandini
June 2 @ 2:49am
Debi, I was tested with Living DNA company and they assigned me H2a2. I am new to FTDNA and I just ordered a BIG Y regarding my paternal side. Perhaps next step will be taking another for my MtDNA.
Richard Blandini
June 2 @ 2:51am
My mom is from Palermo but her mother was from Casteltermini (Agrigento). Her grandmother was from Joppolo Giancaxio (Agrigento) and her great grandmother from Aragona (Agrigento). As I know the female line of my mom was all from Agrigento and nearby.
Richard Blandini
June 2 @ 2:54am
I don't know of any other person with H2 from Sicily, so you are the second person after me. I am trying to find more people. Most of H2a2 seems to be have Northwest and Eastern Europe ancestry.
Marc Olivier Marc Olivier
May 28, 2017 @ 5:16pm
Dear friends and cousins, thanks to your support and to your curiosity, my paper reached those who take decisions regarding research in anthropological, archaeological, historical and genetical fields in most advanced countries on that topic. It has changed the course of events, it has disrupted mainstream and dominent visions, sometimes forced to stop some hypocrit or out of date concensuses. It has surely demonstrated that History and Genetics are compatible and that they belong to all of us and in the same time to each of us, because each lineage has its own history to be told. Thanks you for your attention, I am grateful. Thank you, Marc. https://www.academia.edu/32284957/EDDA_Part_1_How_Women_from_Lesser_Caucasus_H2a1_MtDNA_have_recorded_and_transmitted_the_most_ancient_and_longest_lasting_Human_Testimony
Gunhild Hedenström
May 29, 2017 @ 3:18am
I have downloaded the document. I`ts very intresting. Gunhild
Laudi Culbertson
June 14, 2017 @ 4:58am
I, too, am H2a1.
Rebecca Cann
June 21, 2017 @ 3:22pm
Marc, I am from Iran and my mtDNA is H2a2. Read your article with great interest. Thank you for your work. Very interesting insight. Do you happen to know where I can get more info. on H2a2 subclad? Thanks.
Richard Blandini
May 5 @ 10:48pm
@RebeccaCann are you originary from Iran?
Robert Sliwinski Robert Sliwinski
May 1 @ 7:45pm
Hi, if you have uploaded your mtDNA results recently they have been subgrouped today. Robert
Brian Colquhoun Brian Colquhoun
April 25 @ 3:46pm
Question: my haplogroup is H2a1, my father's is H1m1. I manage both. I tried to upload to Y-Full and it correctly assigned my Y results (same as Dad's of course, but I didn't run his) but assigned me his mtDNA results instead of my own. Does anyone know how I can change this?
Doreen Van Assen Doreen Van Assen
July 17, 2017 @ 3:09am
Hello I am new to posing to this group. My haplo group I recently learned is H2a2b. I was wanting to know more information about this group. All my maternal family are from The Netherlands. Are any others here with the same haplo group?
Gunhild Hedenström
July 28, 2017 @ 3:17am
Lora Robbins dotter and son surnames are very common in Sweden.
Mary Geer
August 3, 2017 @ 3:39pm
Dotter and son sen are scandinavian. The Icelanders are basicall the only vikings that stll use Dotter, sone faris islanders too. son is generally Swedish and sen is generally Danish and Norweigen.
Margareta Holmgren
August 6, 2017 @ 10:40am
In Sweden most names that ends with "son" has been like a usual surnames for a couple of generation, but there are some that has kept the family tradition too, like my friend named Stigsdotter, her fathers names are Stig Gunnarsson, so that family have honored the old way of naming. My family left that way of naming the next generation behind sometimes around 1870-1890 on both my mothers and my fathers side of the family.
Jennifer Borski
April 25 @ 2:54pm
Hello Doreen! I am also H2a2b! I am just starting on my maternal ancestry so I don't have a lot of information as of yet.