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Mothers of Acadia

Acadie ADN / Acadian DNA
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About us

The object of The Mothers of Acadia mtDNA Project is to test descendants of the pioneer/founding Mothers of Acadia, and of other maternal forebears of today's Acadians, whether of French or of Native extraction.

The projet is also opening up to Y-DNA acadian lines. In both cases, the plan is to integrate triangulated signatures with the Catalogue, a free access Canadian and Acadian pionner Y and mt signature index for easy reference. 

Although the name will remain in many FTDNA inner workings, the project is taking on name
Acadie ADN / Acadian DNA . There may be several projects dedicated to Acadians (or variations). Only this one has enjoyed the collaboration of Stephen White, chief genealogist at the Centre d'études acadiennes Anselme-Chiasson at the Université de Moncton. The short term goal is for this project to absorb the Acadian Heritage project, which also targets the same audience and original territory

Because of the Deportation and exile of 1755, many records were lost and/or destroyed at the time. Therefore mtDNA and YDNA testing is important to all of us. At this time in our history, these tests provides a vehicle to establish whether these pioneer women were of European or of Native origin.

Because of missing records that would have identified the origins of these ancestral Mothers, there has been a great deal of controversy regarding their origins -- though noted genealogists attribute most of them as having come from France/Europe. These tests are helping to resolve some of these controversies. mtDNA, is based solely on one's direct maternal line. Both women and men can be mtDNA tested. If you descend from a Mother of Acadia, particularly from one of those listed above, please consider mtDNA testing.

To qualify for mtDNA testing, one's direct maternal line begins with you, then goes to your mother, and to her mother, to her mother, and so forth, ending when you have gone as far as possible in your maternal line. In order to participate, your direct maternal line must go back to one of the a Mother of Acadia. *After* you have ordered your test kit, please send your direct maternal line to Denis (see project section) so it can be verified then validated by Stephen White. If your maternal line is not complete, we can help to complete it. If you have questions about your maternal line prior to testing, or if you have already been tested but need any help at all, please send Lucie a message. Thank you for your collaboration!

(coming soon - much of the above applies, but on the direct male line, following the surname until it doesn't)

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