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Lucie LeBlanc Consentino Lucie LeBlanc Consentino
April 22, 2017 @ 12:52pm
FYI: All new members are requested to send me your direct maternal line as soon as is possible once you have joined the project. This required of all who join this project. You lineage will be verified and returned to you with additions and corrections if necessary. Please send to - Thank you! Lucie
Jude Burke
March 7 @ 7:59pm
Lucie, I believe you should still have my Dad's direct maternal line, especially since the wonderful SAW was the one who blasted through my brick wall for me :-D
Pamela Devouge murphy
August 11 @ 10:13am
I am a new member that transferred my raw data from another website does that give the info I need I know my maternal group from that test..hoping I don't have to pay to have it done again
Emma Valentine
August 26 @ 9:29am
How do I send a direct maternal line? My Haplogroup is H1aa.
David Bailey
August 27 @ 10:35pm
Hello Lucie, Ive sent you my Lineage awhile back but never got any answer from you.
Sheila Perry Sheila Perry
March 17, 2017 @ 2:09pm
Clara Perrault 1870 -1918 with her father, Pierre Perrault on the right
Cynthia Pickett
October 21 @ 5:35pm
Love 💘all those wonderful photos!
George Frame George Frame
June 20, 2018 @ 4:15pm
I just received the results of my mtDNA test. The test shows that my mtDNA sample belongs to the Haplogroup A2f1a. This result supports my research that shows my oldest known maternal ancestor is Anne Marie, a Mi'kmaq woman who was the wife of Rene Rimbault. She would be my 9x great-grandmother.
Calvin Leger
April 1 @ 11:11pm
Awesome George I am a Descendant from Anne Marie and Rene Rimbault as well
Calvin Leger
April 1 @ 11:14pm
If you would like to know more about Anne Marie you can look up Marie Rundquist book Revisiting Anne Marie
Emma Valentine
August 26 @ 9:32am
Hi George! I am a descendant of Anne's son with Unknown Pinet-Phillippe.
Cynthia Pickett
October 21 @ 5:31pm
So am I, apparently.
Kyle MacDonald Kyle MacDonald
September 28, 2018 @ 3:40pm
Hi Everyone, I did my mtDNA and I am U4C1. My direct maternal line is supposedly indigenous, but I don't think U4C1 Haplogroup is related to indigenous ancestry? My last known direct maternal grandmother is named Jeanne Lejeune-Briard and was born in 1659. Although she married Fancois Joseph (Mi'kmaw), I was under the impression her mother was Mi'kmaw as well. Could anyone help me verify that my direct maternal line is in fact Mi'kmaw?
Kyle MacDonald
September 28, 2018 @ 3:50pm
Also, there appears to be a lot of confusion about the Pierre Lejeune dit Briard line, which is where Jeanne Lejeune-Briard if from (I think?)
Lucie LeBlanc Consentino
October 5, 2018 @ 9:25am
Hi Kyle.. two of Jeanne Lejeune's daughters mt results are Native haplo A. U is not Native so there is perhaps an error in your maternal line. The problem is that we have no proof that François Joseph's daughters were also the daughters of Jeanne Lejeune. She could have been their adoptive mother. So that is a sticking point.
Kimla McDaniel
October 10 @ 3:42pm
My grandfathers were Pierre Lejeune dit briard. My grandmother was Eloise Lejeune
Cynthia Pickett
October 21 @ 5:30pm
Another Smith relative!
Cathy Brochet Cathy Brochet
September 3 @ 11:21am
Help! I am Murray Maloney (IN41520) and I am administrator for my cousin Cathy's kit.(IN43799). Her mtDNA haplogroup is C1c. Kit IN43799 has languished in the Ungrouped category for many months. We have submitted a pedigree and had no follow up questions. There are several other C1c kits that have been grouped under Caplan. There is one C1c kit that is grouped under Olivier and another under David. And there is one other C1c kit that is under Ungrouped along with Cathy's. I am not an expert in DNA or genealogy, so I stand ready to be corrected, but it seems to me that all of those C1c kits should be grouped under Caplan. My understanding is that Madeleine Caplan was a daughter of Guillaume Caplan & Amerindienne Inconnu. Her daughter was Francoise Olivier, and Francoise's daughter was Marie Anne David who married Johann Becker dit Blondin. I was hoping that Cathy's kit would have been assigned to an appropriate group by now, but even though I have written to the group administrators I have received no response. I don't know what we are doing wrong, but I'd like to take whatever steps may be required to get Cathy's kit categorized. I would gladly make a donation if only I knew what amount is appropriate to the situation. Regards, Murray Maloney (IN41520) for Cathy Brochet (IN43799)
Cathy Brochet
September 5 @ 5:42pm
While exploring Lucie LeBlanc Cosentiono's wonderful sites today, I managed to learn a lot of Acadian and Quebec history while I traced Cathy Brochet's lineage back to Robert Lévesque & Jeanne Marguerite Le Chevalier. Robert / Francois / Jean-Baptiste / Jean-Baptiste / Ambroise / Ambroise / John Phillippe / Sylvia / Catherine Brochet. Cathy is Lucie's 6th cousin 1x removed. Genealogy sure can fill a day.
Kimla McDaniel Kimla McDaniel
August 23 @ 6:28pm
Looking for anyone who has a Francoise Hebert and she married her cousin Joseph Hebert. Francoise parents are not known and she is in my maternal line. Many say her parents are Benoni Hebert and savoie but that has been proven wrong with DNA. So any help is appreciated My line Kimla McDaniel MTDNA T2f4 Eloise Lejeune MTDNA T2f4 Oliva Crochet M. Adras Lejeune Marguertie Lopez M. Augustine Crochet Arthmise Landry M. Francois Victorin Lopez Eloise Modest LeBlanc M. Hubert Euphroy dit Godefroi Landry Euphrosine Hebert M. Agricole LeBlanc Francoise Hebert M. Joseph dit Pepin Emanuel Hebert Her (cousin) This couple came to US from deportation from Canada. My latest know grandmother was Catherine Vigue married Pierre Martin. I have not confirmed that but a admin has said she knows it to be true as Stephen White has confirmed it. I just don’t know the ones from Francoise Hebert to Catherine Vigue
Sarah Freeman Sonn H1c3b Sarah Freeman Sonn H1c3b
March 19, 2017 @ 3:16pm
I got my results of my maternal line today. I am so pleased to finally confirm my 2nd gr grands as Angele Chiasson and Severe Landry, N.B. The maternal line extends to Catherine Bugaret 1638. This was a long time coming. If this seems tame,it's only because I am still babbling in my head and I'm afraid I'll write something incorrect. WOW THIS IS GREAT. MTDNA ROCKS
Carolyn Brown
June 13, 2017 @ 11:26am
Catherine Bugaret is my 9th great grandmother. I descend from her daughter Marguerite Petitpas.
Shera LaPoint
June 13, 2017 @ 1:15pm
Hello cousins! I also descend from Isabelle. Catherine Bugaret is my Mother of Acadia.
Jude Burke
March 7 @ 7:49pm
Hello Cousins! My name is Nova, the mtDNA results are from my Dad's kit as he is 100% Acadian. Catherine Bugaret is my 10th GGrandmother and my Family Tree Maker program is showing Isabelle (Élisabeth) Petitpas as my 8th GGrandmother :-)
Lorie Lavergne-Vincent
July 23 @ 4:51pm
Hello Cousins. I'm Lorie, my 10th GGMother is Catherine Bugaret. I descend from Isabelle Petitpas. I'm from South Louisiana.
Claude Herbet Claude Herbet
July 12 @ 2:38pm
At YFull my MT-subclade went from X2b7 to X2b'd-b1a, SNP T226C. TMRCA 2200 years old. I am a direct descendant from Barbe Bajolet. From her Baptism records : Barbe was born 22 May 1608. Her father Antoine Bajolet was first Muleteer to Queen Mary de Medici of France. Her mother was Jeanne Beaudinet. Barbe went on to become one of the first woman pioneers in Acadia Canada. Many of her descendants were brought to the USA during the Deportation of Acadians.
Sarah Freeman Sonn H1c3b Sarah Freeman Sonn H1c3b has a question!
April 5 @ 2:41pm
Is there anyone here with a direct maternal line to Sara Landry Godin, 1847-1831, daughter of Gilbert Landry and Angele Duguay? My gr grandmother was Sara Landry Collins, 1848-1918 H1c3b, daughter of Severe Landry and Angele Chiasson, The two women are constantly being mixed up. I was hoping to get her haplogroup and pass it on to verify the difference in the two. Thanks
Donna Storz Donna Storz
May 15, 2015 @ 5:47pm
My mtDNA Plus results finally came in and they assigned me to X haplogroup which is consistent with my Acadian ancestor Barbe Bajolet. It seems those of her descendants who had subclade testing done received X2b7 as their haplogroup. My results match all of theirs. Interestingly, 23andme's haplogroup testing assigned me X2b and when I put those results in the mthap program it came up with X2b7. However, when I put my ftDNA results in the mthap program it came up with a first choice of Xm'n--a haplogroup I hadn't even been aware of until now. Second choice was X2b and third X2b7.
Calvin Leger
April 1 @ 11:28pm
Hello Donna, Ms Lucie and Steven White helped me to identify my maternal line. I also descend from Barge Bajolet.
Jude Burke Jude Burke has a question!
March 7 @ 7:56pm
Lucie, does my Dad's mtDNA information show up as you were asking people to be sure it did on the AFC list?? Thank you, Nova