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To date, we have more than 150 y-dna, mtDNA, and autosomal dna members.  

32 of the participants' DNA matched exactly or have 1 or 2 mutations.  28 of these men have paper pedigrees which indicate descent from William Moseley born about 1692 in the Rappahannock River area of Virginia. It is believed he was the grandson of William Moseley born about 1624 in England who was transported to the Rappahannock River area of VA in 1650 by William Underwood.  Grandson William died about 1769 in VA and was married to Elizabeth LNU. Paper pedigrees of the participants and recorded documents indicate William and Elizabeth had at least 5 sons, and we believe 1 daughter: William b. 1724, John b. 17626, Thomas b. 1728, Robert b. 1735 and Benjamin b. about 1737. Recorded sources indicate the family migrated to NC before 1755, and then on to the Old 96 District of SC by 1773, with the exception of son Benjamin, who left NC for Wilkes Co., GA with his mother Elizabeth about 1770.  Descendants of the brothers Moseley, some of whom adopted the spelling Mosley during this time, eventually migrated to GA, TX, AL and FL.

The remaining 4 males whose DNA matched the other 28 men in the Rappahannock VA subgroup have paper pedigrees which indicate they are instead descended from the Brunswick Co., VA line of Moseleys.  

19 participants have matched 12/12 markers or better, and the well-documented paper pedigree of one indicates these participants probably descend from the "Brunswick Co., VA" VA Moseley line, which began in America with the arrival of William Moseley from Rotterdam, Holland in 1649. He was married to Susannah LNU and had a son William who married Mary Gookin. William and Mary had children William, John, Elizabeth, Edward who married Frances Stringer. One of these 3 participants' paper pedigree goes back to Clement Moseley born in NC and died in KY after 1809. This line has also been referred to as the Lower Norfolk VA line.

7 participants matched very closely whose pedigrees indicate descent from Edward Mozley b. about 1735 in Virginia. There is also a Mozley DNA Surname Group Project at The administrator is Ann LeDoux. Her email address is Qualified male Mozleys may join both projects.

2 participants matched very closely and have been subgrouped under the name Maudsley. Their common ancestor may be John Moseley/Mawdesley b. 1614 England d. 1661 in CT.

2 participants matched very closely and have been subgrouped under the location Prince William, VA. 

27 participants' results are unique and do not match closely with any of the other Moseleys in the project.  A few of these are not in the direct line of descent of a male Moseley, however.  

6 Y-DNA tests have been ordered but not returned to the lab for processing.