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About us

If you have any questions about the project or DNA testing, please contact the project co-administrators, Lynda Moseley at lcmoseley@hotmail.com 

In addition to our y-dna members, we maintain a contact group consisting of female Moseley descendants and males descended from a female Moseley, who are not eligible for y-dna testing, many of whom have detailed paper pedigrees to share.  Several of these contacts have tested their autosomal dna, as well, as have some of our y-dna members.  We are very excited to have this tool to further help our members make family connections.  

These are the lines for which DNA participants are needed:

1) John Moseley b. 1776 SC m. Priscilla LNU and their son, Leonard S. Moseley and his wife, Elizabeth Whitten;

2) Benjamin Moseley b. about 1735 VA emigrated to Bute Co., NC before 1768, then to Wilkes Co., GA by 1770, married Winnie LNU, possibly Myrick; (DNA PARTICIPANT FOUND FOR THIS LINE!)

3) William Lafayette Moseley and his son, William Lee Moseley;

4) John Turner Moseley b. VA and his son, Milledge O. Moseley b. 1805 Milledgeville, GA;

5) Cloyd Bothwell Moseley b. Illinois (DNA PARTICIPANT FOUND FOR THIS LINE!);

6) Cuyler T. Moseley b. 1831 m. Mary LNU;

7) William Eli Moseley m. Mary E. Wells (Tattnall Co., GA);

8) Henry Mosley b. 1794 SC d. 1850 TN;

9) Alexander M. Mosley b. NC m. Melissa Speed (DNA PARTICIPANT FOUND FOR THIS LINE);

10) William Moseley m. Rebecca Calhoun, Montgomery, AL;

11) Sir Oswald Moseley b. & d. England;


13) Clement Moseley KY 

14) Isaac W. Moseley b. 1844 AL m. Sarah F. LNU;

15) A. D. Mosely m. Louisa LNU (NC) and their son, Hugh B. Mosely;

16) Nathaniel Moseley m. Polly Moore;

17) Robert Moseley, Sr. Southampton & Brunswick Co., VA to Chatham Co., NC to Wilkes Co., GA (DNA PARTICIPANT FOUND FOR THIS LINE!);

18) John S. Moseley b. 1760 Granville Co., NC d. Montgomery Co., TN m. Elizabeth Barton; (DNA PARTICIPANT FOUND FOR THIS LINE!)

19) William Moseley b. 1606 Brunswick, VA;

20) Captain Edward Moseley b. VA;

21) Any male Moseley residing in England whose Moseley line has been in England for the past 300-400 years, particularly in Northumberton or Kent;

22) Any male Moseley whose Moseley line includes English Underwoods, Lawsons or possibly Bartons between 1600 and 1700;

23) Robert Moseley b. abt. 1730 VA? d. After 1805 Elbert Co., GA or ANY Elbert Co., GA male Moseley;

24) Benjamin Mosley b. about 1860 TX (probably Navarro Co.) d. 1916 Marion Co., TN m. Jane Pittman;

25) Seaborn M. Mosley b. 1831 GA? d. 07/20/1903 Angus, TX m. 1st FNU McKee, 2nd M. A.? Birdwell;

26) James Mosley b. about 1830 GA m. Mary LNU; on 1870 Census in Russell Co., AL and on the 1880 Census in Navarro Co., TX. He had at least 4 sons: John b. about 1861 GA, Charles b. about 1864 GA, Solomon b. about 1866 GA, & Edward b. about 1879 AL (died before 1880?);

27) Benjamin Mosley b. about 1864 TX, appears on 1900 Census for Brown Co., TX with wife Lottie and sons Barome E, b. about 1890, Luether B, b. about 1882, Hubert L, b. about 1896, Cecil V, b. 1900;

28) William Augustus Moseley b. May 25, 1795 in NC, d. April 13, 1831, Lenoir Co. NC. m Sarah P. (Sallie) Kilpatrick, b. November 18, 1800 NC d. November 18, 1800 Lenoir Co. NC (POSSIBLE DNA CANDIDATE FOUND FOR THIS LINE - NEED MORE TO COMPARE RESULTS, AS THE LAST NAME OF THIS PARTICIPANT IS NOT MOSELEY)

29) Rudolphus Knight Moseley b. ? d.? m.? and his son, Cuyler Storey Moseley b. ? Jefferson Davis Co., GA d.? Broxton, GA m.?;

30) Thomas Moseley b.? d. Morgan Co., GA ? m. Nancy Smedley and his son, Jesse Moseley b. 1815 GA d. ? m. Lucinda Holstrum b. 1822 SC;

31) Leonard Moseley b. about 1751 m. Sarah/Sally LNU, and son John Moseley b. 1776 SC m. Priscilla LNU;

32) William Washington Moseley b. ? d. ? m. Linnie Morgan d. Mississippi;

33) Brothers George Washington Mosley b. 1813 d. 1865; James Albert Moseley b. 1815 d. 1875 Grimes Col, TX m. Elizabeth Fuller; Joseph Mosley m. Carolina Adams, TX; Jesse Mosley b. 1816; Guthridge W. Mosley b. 1815 d. 1864; William Mosley b. 1822 d. 1899; Robert Alexander Moseley b. 1827 d. 1884 m. Mary Elizabeth McCoy; Daniel Mosley b. 1830;

34) Brothers James R. Moseley b. Abt. 1804 Barnwell Co., SC m. Rebecca McCreary; Mason Moseley b. Abt. 1808 Barnwell Co., SC m. Eliza McCreary; Loren R. Moseley b. Abt. 1810 Barnwell Co., SC d. before 1846 Barnwell Co., SC m. Mary Ann McCreary; Rudolphus Moseley b. Abt. 1812 Barnwell Co., SC d. Augusta, GA? m. Agnes/Agatha LNU; Nathaniel E. Moseley b. Abt. 1814 Barnwell Co., SC;

35) Any male Mosley/Moseley/Mozley with an oral history or paper trail of their family name once being spelled with a "Z", specifically lines of brothers Walter Mozley (b. about 1729) and Edward Mozley/Mosley (b. about 1735). Known sons of Walter: James and William. Known sons of Edward: James H., Archibald, Edwin, David, and John. Other names carried down in this line include: Caleb, Samuel, Alfred, Terrell, Thornton, Norman, Daniel Seaborn, Bankston, and McDaniel. (Contact: Ann LeDoux-aledoux@comcast.net)

36) William Dunn Moseley, first state governor of Florida, b. 1795 Lenoir Co., NC d. 1863 Palatka, FL;

37) Marvel Moseley of Middlesex Co., VA.