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The Menzies yDNA Surname Project is part of  Menzies International Genealogy Under Study or "MINGUS" Project. 

It is a separate entity from the Menzies Clan Society. 

For more information on the MINGUS Project:

Many European surnames beginning with "Ming" or "Menz" pronunciation are Celtic in origin. The majority of these originate with the Clan Menzies surname and related septs.  This is due to the Scots language using the non-Latin "yogh" character that had a soft guttural sound.  It was shaped like a cursive 'g' or 'z' and used as a hyphen between two syllables. 

When printing presses increased during the 1600's, a 'z' was often used to represent the yogh.  As a result: "the pronunciation of Menzies varies across Scotland: in the north, many still use the -enz version; elsewhere, it is -ing.  So the Scottish newsagent chain is referred to as both John Menzies and John Mingis."

In addition to the Menzies surname, there are eighteen official surname septs:

Minnis, Means, Mingus, Minges, Mings, and Mengues (all pronounc
ed as "Mingus) as well as Menzie, Monzie, Meyners, Minn, Mein, Mennie, Monies, Dewar, MacMinn, MacMonies, MacMinnis, MacMeans. 

There are also various unofficial or alternate spellings that may represent a shared genetic heritage in Clan Menzies:

MacAndeoir, MacIndeoir, MacIndeor, MacIndoer, MacJore, MacKmunish, MacMean, MacMein, MacMeinn, MacMen, MacMenzies, MacMin, MacMina,MacMine, MacMindes, MacMinne, MacMinnies, MacMonnies, MacMyn, MacMyne, MacMynneis, McMenzies, McMenzie, Mainzies, Makmunish, Makmynnes, Manzie, Manzies, Maynhers, McMindes, McMinds, Mean, Meanie, Meanies, Megnies, Meignees,Meigneis, Meigners, Meignerys, Meignes, Meignez, Meine, Meineris, Meingnes,Meingzeis, Meingzes, Meinn, Meinyeis, Meinyies, Meinzeis, Meinzies, Menees, Mengyeis, Mengzeis, Mengzes, Mengzies, Mennes, Menyas, Menyeis, Menyheis, Menyhes, Menzas, Menzeis, Menzes, Menzeys, Menzheis, Menzhers, Menzis, Meygners, Meygnes, Meyneiss, Meyner, Meyneris, Meyness, Miners, Mingie, Minnish, Minnus, Minze, Minzes, Monsie, Munnies.

Though the common thread that binds our surnames together is Clan Menzies, we want all members to know that your surname, your identity, is of the utmost importance to us.  It is our goal to assist you in discovering more about your own unique family history and explore any genetic connection your family may have to the rich heritage of Clan Menzies.

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