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Clan Menzies and Septs
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Minnis Results: Test results are known for twelve applicants; the administrator from the John Minnis branch of North Carolina, his second cousin two times removed, another suspected cousin from James Minnis of South Carolina, two from the John Minnis branch of Ireland, one from the James Minnis branch of Scotland, and a MINISH, all from the USA; one from New Zealand who matches a known descendant of Daid Minnis of Ulster, and three from England, all with an Ulster background. Minish did not match but the first two had an 11/12 marker match. The suspected cousin does not match. The New Zealander exhibits no connection. The three from England at 12 markers are very probable matches and show a connection with the administrator and his cousin. The John Minnis of Ireland descendant has a 25/25 marker match with the latest applicant; paper trail shows them to be 4th cousins 1 time removed. Their MCRA is Thomas Minnis, 1791 TN-1863 MO, grandson of Samuel Minnis b. abt 1725 County Down, IRE. This compares with a 34/37 marker match with the Scottish descendant and the latest applicant 24/25. There is a great probability that the three have a common ancestor in the last 600 years. The question remains as to where in the United Kingdom this ancestor lived. It may be Ireland but more likely is England or the border counties.

Menzies Lineage Notes:

Lineage 1/ R1B/ Confirmed Menzies genetic family: believed to be the Bolfracks Cadet line, which connects with the Chief’s line for which the surname origins began. More testing and additional testers needed to make a confident assertion. Falls under R1b haplogroup web.

Lineage 2/ E-MZ62/ Confirmed Menzies genetic family: ancient line composed of three paper trail family trees that share a common ancestor estimated at 1250 AD, meaning that they have been Menzies at least that long. Pre-surname origins suggest Berber ancestry long prior to migrations into the U.K. 

Lineage 3/ R1A-YP327/ Confirmed Menzies genetic family: Very likely Norse and proven closely related to Somerled, who is the modern ancestor of the the Donald’s, along with a few other related septs. Four paper trail family trees that are Menzies by DNA but branched into Mings in US Southeast, along with Buttram, also in the states. 

Lineage 4/ R-BY186274/ Confirmed Menzies genetic family: Largest line on file so far. Composed of six family tree branches separated by a common ancestor estimated to have lived 1500 AD. Evidence suggests origins around Weem/Dull/Strathtay. 

Lineage 5/ I-A19429/ Needs a match to confirm genetic family.

Lineage 6/ R-S22763/ Needs a match to confirm genetic family.

Lineage 7/ R1B/ Confirmed Menzies lineage/ Supposed Comrie Cadet line, although more testing is needed to confirm. Two family tree branches separated by a common ancestor estimated at 1375 AD, which year after the date claimed by DP Menzies in his “Red and White Book of Menzies” as the founding of the Comrie group. DP has made plenty of questionable claims though, so more testing and evidence will be needed to support the Comrie label.