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There is an excellent McKinney results table set up by Georgia Kinney Bopp at this link:

By clicking on the hyperlink for each participant in the table, you will be taken to a page that gives the short direct-line ancestry for that particular McKinney line.

Below is a concise listing of each of the McKinney groups:

GROUP 4 has four participants. Their common ancestor is John McKenney b. ca 1703 in Maine. Some of this line are known to have settled in New York State in the 19th century.

GROUP 5 has a single participant whose y-pattern has matched no McKinney but who does have an excellent match with several in the GANN project. A Gann participant has added his results to our study for ease of comparison. Interestingly this McKinney participant has a fairly good paper trail to one of Mordecai’s g-grandsons. It will be very interesting to see how this is resolved!

GROUP 6 has nine participants including a SMITH whose ancestry includes an illegitimate birth and a McGONAGIL who likely has a genetic link several hundred years ago possibly before surnames became so solidified. The others can trace their ancestries to McKenneys from Harrison County, Virginia (now WV) and Butler County, Kentucky.

GROUP 7 has one McKinney participant who has a genetic match with two RALEYS who have added their information to our study but no matches to any McKinneys currently in the project.

GROUP 8 has three participants who report their ancestries to Travis McKinney who m. Elizabeth Pollard in Orange County, Virginia and then settled in Harrison County, Kentucky.

GROUP 9 has two participants but one has tested only 25 markers and so it is impossible to say how strong this genetic link might be. One traces ancestry to Maryland and the other to Virginia (WV).

GROUP 10 has two participants who both have paper trails to James McKenney and his wife, Mary Ballard, Quakers. They were married in Virginia but lived in North Carolina where there are excellent Quaker records. It was thought by some researchers that James was a grandson of Mordecai. The y-pattern is completely different and proves that he was NOT related to that extensive line.

GROUP 11 is an interesting group. One participant has a paper trail to County Sligo in Ireland; another to PA / KY / Scioto County, Ohio. Two participants have a very good paper trail to John McKinney b. ca 1781 NC who m. Margaret (aka Peggy) Lee in Russell County, Virginia. It was thought by some researchers that this John McKinney was a son of James McKenney & Mary Ballard, Quakers, of North Carolina. Genetic genealogy has proved that he was not! (See Group 10).

GROUP 12 is the Mordecai group and has five participants. One participant has a superb paper trail to Mordecai’s grandson, Collin McKinney b. 1761 in NJ who eventually settled in Texas. Collin was a very high profile person who has had much written about him.

GROUP 14 has three participants who do not know their common ancestor but who have an excellent genetic match. Their McKinneys can be traced from early Virginia and then into the Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama and Texas.

GROUP 18 is another small group that has an excellent genetic match but they have not identified their common ancestor. Earliest records for this line are found in Tennessee and Alabama – then to Texas.

GROUP 19 has two participants who have not identified their common ancestor but they both have traced their ancestries to Pennsylvania.

GROUP 20 has three participants is an interesting group that has two McKinney participants – one with positive trail to the region of Green County, Kentucky and Virginia before that; another with Virginia and Kentucky roots but first found in Tennessee; and the third participant is a CHILDRESS with known ancestry to Campbell/Charlotte counties in Virginia.

GROUP 24 has two participants who do not know their common ancestor but the Alabama families have likely roots in the Carolinas and/or Georgia.

The last GROUP is made up of participants who are waiting for a match! Check to view their short direct-line ancestries to see if you think you might be a match for one of them!!