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yDNA is a tiny portion of the entire DNA molecule that is passed from FATHER TO SON for many generations with little or no change. Because of this unique quality, it can be used as a very powerful genealogical tool to trace surnames.

Early McKinney genealogists seemed to make a basic assumption that all McKinneys in America were descendants of Mordecai who was likely born in America (although some researchers say Scotland) before 1690 and who died in New Jersey in 1760.

Results in the McKinney yDNA surname project are already proving that all McKinneys are NOT related to Mordecai! Participating in the McKinney yDNA project enables family historians to identify their own family group and then to compare notes and make connections perhaps enabling them to trace back several generations further than they could without yDNA comparisons.

Genetic genealogy (yDNA) in conjunction with traditional paper genealogy is a powerful tool that is giving researchers the means to make positive identification with their own McKinney line

Using genetic genealogy also enables researchers ultimately to make connections across The Pond to Scotland and/or Ireland.