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This project is not limited to one group or location of origin and should be used by anyone desiring to start an analysis of his or her family line. Each participating group should identify the earliest known ancestor in the line for analysis and sharing of traditional genealogical information. Selected group information is shown below.

The group is researching Andrew McClelland (also spelled McCleland) who died in Bladen Co, NC in 1752 and has identified five possible male lines of his grandsons for study. It is believed Thomas stayed in Bladen Co, Andrew moved to Scott Co, VA and John, McClain and William moved to Screven Co, GA. Others in Bladen Co who may be related were Malcomb, Daniel, Angus and Duncan McLelland. Please contact Email: if you have information on the specific line of Andrew who died 1819 in Scott Co, VA.

John McClelan Jr appears to be a son of John McClelan from Penrith (northern England) who was born 15 Oct 1747. John McClelan Jr and his wife Elizabeth Welsh were parents of Robert McClelland who was born in 1785 and lived in Preston, Lancashire, UK. Please contact if you would like information on this line.

This is a study to establish the DNA signature of those related to Sir Robert MacLellan, First Lord Kirkcudbright, who died 18 Jan1639. The title of Lord Kirkcudbright passed to his nephew Thomas because Sr Robert had no surviving sons. But, he did have several illegitimate children including James and William. The DNA participant in this study has a family history that includes a possible connection with Sr Robert. Additional information is shown under Project Results. Please contact if you are interested in participating in this study.

William Bonapart McClellan, son of William, was born 1819/20 in Screven Co, GA and his DNA matches the line of McClellans from Bladen Co, NC. He went to Florida around 1854 with his wife Elizabeth Stewart who was born 1832 in Screven Co, GA. Her brother was Charles Stewart who died in the Civil war. William and Elizabeth’s first son, my great grandfather Daniel Webster McClellan, was born in Nassau Co, FL in Dec 1854. Wm. B. McClellan is in the Nassau Co, FL census in 1860 at the age of 40. He may be the same W. B.McClellan age 30, with Sarah age 27, and children; William age 10, Sarah H. age 7, Matilda age 6, Charasa age 5, and Euginia age 2 on Page 11a of the Screven Co, GA 1850 census. In the 1860 census this family is still in Screven Co, GA and Sarah age 37 is shown as a widow living with her mother Sarah Robbins age 74 and with the same children listed in the 1850 census plus another son Robert age 8. Please contact me, Cecil McClellan, at if anyone has information on the W.B. McClellan and family on Page 11a of the Screven Co GA 1850 census.

I am trying to determine my family's patrilineal ancestry (from Robert McClellan who died in Chester County, Pennsylvania, in 1741). Some written sources claim that his father was Robert McClellan of Barmagachan, Scotland (he was born and died in Scotland but was briefly exiled to New Jersey between 1685 and 1689). DNA results, however, point to 16th century cloth makers in Glasgow (earliest known relative: John M'Lellan who was a "print cutter" at 168 High St., Glasgow; see Glasgow Directory 1801-1805) born around 1775, married to Mary S. Kerr. If you have any information, please contact C. McClelland, at

William MacLellan married Francina Veazey in Orange County, NC in 1781. Francina was the daughter of James Veazey and Elizabeth Hollingsworth Johnston. The Veazey and Hollingsworth families are well documented, but details about William's past are hazy at best (Internet searches have turned up two different sets of possible parents for William, but no source documents are cited). William served with North Carolina troops in the Revolutionary War, and moved his family to Georgia (along with some of the Veazeys) before 1790. Four sons (William, John, Henry, and James) and four daughters (Mary, Nancy, Elizabeth, and Margaret) are mentioned in William's will, which was probated in 1824 and recorded at the Courthouse in Sparta, GA.William and Francina are believed to be buried in the cemetery of the Powelton Baptist Church in Hancock County, GA. Part of the difficulty in tracing our paternal line stems from the popularity of the name "William". There are at least six different William MacLellan/McClellans in North Carolina in the 1770's - 1780's. Hopefully, DNA testing will help establish some connections. Please contact Billy McLellan at Email: with any comments about this line.