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The Mayo FamilyTree DNAProject began in 2004 to investigate a possible connection between the various Mayo family branches using the paternal yDNA test. Some of the branches are listed below.


MAYO FAMILY GROUP1:  REV. JOHN MAYO, Barnstable, MA. This information was provided by JeanMayo-Lakatos, a descendant. "Rev. John Mayo, according to the Banks Manuscripts, came to Cape Cod from North Newington, Oxfordshire, England in theSpring of 1638 with his family. North Newington is a stone's throw from Broughton Castle and very close to Rev. John Mayo's friends from over the border in Warwickshire.... When Rev. John Mayo died, he had 3 living children: Hannah ( Mayo ) Bacon of Barnstable, John Mayo of Eastham, and Elizabeth ( Mayo) Howes of Yarmouth ( in the area of present day Dennis ), on Cape Cod."

MAYO FAMILY GROUP 2: WILLIAM MAYO AND WIFE ISABEL, Isle of Wight, VA. William Mayo was born before 1666 and died14 July 1713 in Lower Parish, Isle of Wight County, Virginia. He married ISABEL in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.

William Mayo is first referenced as William May in a Land Grant for John Hardee listed as an Transportee:

CAVALIERS and PIONEERS:abstracts of Virginia land patents and grants. Volume 1, 1623-1666, Nugent,1934. Page 569:

MR. JOHN HARDIE (Hardy), 1150acs. Isle of Wight Co., 5 June 1666, p. 545, (669). Beg. at upper cor. tree ofMathew Tomlins old land, running S.S.E. by Wm. Westwrayes land &c, S.W. onMathew Tomlins new land, then S. &c. Trans, of 23 pers: Jno. White, 4,Erasmas Harris, Henry Baker, Charles Baker, Joane Baker, Jno. Hardy, OliverHardy, An Quimby, William May, Roger Wright, Jno. Edwards, Rich. Powell, RogerPeele, Jno. Dockstone, Jno. Cooke, Xtopr. Marshamp, Wm. Walker, Eliz. Ruffin,2, Rich. Lannum.

An early record for William Mayo is found in Land Patent 10, p 101 William Mayo Nov 13, 1673 Isle of Wight,Virginia 220 acres on south side of main Blackwater Swamp Begg. & c. on the west side of Nottoway Swamp and corner tree William Williams land.

William Mayo left a will dated July 14,1713 in Isle of Wight, Virginia; proved April 25, 1715. His will names sons James, John, Peter, William, daughters Margaret, Mary, and Patience. Wife Isabel Mayo, and Brother Bridgman Joyner, as Sole Executors.

Son William Mayo, b:~1685-1689,Isle of Wight County, VA, deceased 1759 Beaufort County, North Carolina married Martha Johnson.
Son Peter Mayo 
Son John Mayo, b:~1690, d ~1753 deceased Beaufort County, North Carolina married Mary (Stafford)
Son James Mayo: b: Isle of Wight County, VA
Daughter Mary Mayo married George Murrell deceased Beaufort County, North Carolina 
Daughter Patience Mayo married John Beal, Southampton County, VA
Daughter Margaret Mayo married Joseph Vick Jr

Published accounts of thisfamily have attempted tie it to the Family of EDWARD MAYO of Psquotank County,NC AND to the Family of Valentine Mayo of Middlesex County, VA

This family group traces through William Mayo, b:~1685-1689,Isle of Wight County, VA, deceased 1759 Beaufort County, North Carolina marriedMartha Johnson


This test group was added in November 2017 when it was proven to be a zero percent match to MAYO FAMILY GROUP 2.  Both groups are documented as related through William Mayo, Jr. originally Beaufort County, NC (Will 1758) and John Mayo of Beaufort County, NC documented as sons of  of William Mayo of Isle of Wight County, VA.

This family group traces through John Mayo, b:~1690, d ~1753 deceased Beaufort County, North Carolina married Mary 

FAMILY GROUP 4: VALENTINE MAYO appeared in Virginia records in the late 1600's.According to Essex County and Middlesex County, Virginia records, Valentine was witness to a will on May 7, 1686. Valentine is also mentioned in the following land grants as an importee to the country:


Essex County Court 1Othof February 1692/3, p52
On margin: Certificate according to Act of Assembly is granted to WM: CLAPHAMfor Nineteen hundred acres of land due for ye Importacon of Thirty eightpersons into this Colony whose names are.
VALLINTINE MAYO; [Additional list of names]

CAVALIERS and PIONEERS:abstracts of Virginia land patents and grants. Volume 2, 1666-1695, Nugent,1934. Page 382:

MR. ARTHUR SPICER, 275Oacs .. in the freshes of Rappa. Co., now Essex Co: S. side the river, about 2mi. up Pwomasend Cr., 29 Apr. 1693, p. 271. Beg. on E. side of a run; overseveral paths, to Nanzatico; by William White; to Mr. Robert Payne; neare mainerun of Portobaga Cr., &c. Granted Alexan-der Fleming, 17 Apr. 1667deserted, & now granted by order, &c. Imp. of 55 pers.: Valentine May,[List of names, same 38 names from Essex County Clapham Grant, plus anadditional 17]

The parentage ofValentine Mayo has not been established.

Valentine married AnneMickelburrough Jordan, a widow, in 1710. Their children include:
(1) James Mayo, born 1711 in Middlesex County, Va., who married (first) Ruthand (second) Martha Williamson
(2) Elizabeth A. Mayo, born 1713, who married Richard George
(3) Sarah Mayo, born 1714/15
and possibly (4) John Mayo, born 1715. Valentine Mayo died October 5, 1716 inMiddlesex County, Virginia.

Published accounts of this family have attempted tie it to the Family of William Mayo of Isle of WightCounty, VA AND to the Family of  EDWARD MAYO of Pasquotank County, NC

JOHN MAYO of Portsmouth Island,Carteret County, North Carolina Early 1800s and his descendants. Appears to have no living males. Autosomal DNA matching shows close family matches among the families of Cedar Island, NC who are part of  MAYO FAMILY GROUP 3 and the families of Portsmouth Island, NC located geographically nearby. 

JOHN MAYO of Roxbury, MA. John Mayo of Roxbury, MA.,came to Roxbury, MA. with his mother and step-father approximately 1635, from the Sandwich area of Kent, England. His father had died previously. He married Hannah Graves and had children. He is often confused with Rev. John Mayo, but they are 2 separate people.

WILLIAM MAYO THE SURVEYOR. This information was copied and pasted from "History Corner: William Mayo (1684-1744) Surveyor of the Virginia Piedmont" by Silvio A. Bedini: Born in Poulshot, Wilts County, in southwestern England in 1684, William Mayo was the eldest child of the well-to-do family of Joseph and Elizabeth (Hooper) Mayo.

At the age of twenty-five he left England, accompanied by his younger brother Joseph, to seek his fortune inBarbados, where a cousin had settled some time earlier. There he established himself as a surveyor, and in due course married the daughter of a Bridgetown merchant.

In 1717 Mayo received a commission to make a map of Barbados, which he accomplished with such skill that Governor William Tryon urged the English Board of Trade to purchase it and to grant Mayo a patent enabling him to sell his map on a commission basis. The map also gained him election to membership in the Royal Society of London. Mayo remained in the West Indies for ten years.

It was in about 1719 that Mayo,now nearly forty years of age, with four daughters and with his fortune already made and assured, began to consider moving permanently to Virginia. Finally, in 1723, with his own family and the families of two brothers and a cousin, he arrived in the American colonies.

The change from the life to which they had become accustomed was considerable, and the newcomers experienced difficult times at first. They were forced to learn more austere ways of living in unanticipated simplification in relative wilderness, when compared to the sophisticated social life they had left behind in wealthy Bridgetown, whose jewelers and silversmiths almost rivaled those of Paris.

EDWARD MAYO. This information was provided by Cynthia Cornwell who married John McCachern. Edward Mayo was born in the 1600's in Wiltshire, England. He married Sarah Maags 2 September 1666 in Christ Church Parish in Barbados. He immigrated to Virginia about 1670 and then on to Perquimans Co, NC in 1684. He remarried in 1693 to "Em." He died in Pasquotank Co, NC. He was a Quaker. He and Sarah had the following children all born around 1670: (1) Sarah Mayo, who married John Harlow Culpepper, Patrick Henley, and Matthew Pritchard (2) Ann Mayo, who married Francis Delamare, Richard Pope, Augustine Scarborough, and John Jennings; (3) Elizabeth Mayo, who married Stephen Scott and Henry Keaton; and (4) Edward Mayo, Jr., who married Mary Clare and Elizabeth.

Published accounts of thisfamily have attempted tie it to the Family of William Mayo of Isle of WightCounty, VA AND to the Family of Valentine Mayo of Middlesex County, VA

DR WILLIAM WORRALLMAYO  was born in 1819, Salford, Lancashire, England and traveled to America in 1845. He practiced as a chemist in New York and later served as a chemistry and physics instructor at the Bellevue Hospital Medical College. He completed his medical studies in 1854 at the University of Missouri, then traveled to Minnesota In 1864, Dr. Mayo moved his family to Rochester, where he served as an examining surgeon for the Minnesota Civil War draft board. During the 1880s, Dr. Mayo's two sons William and Charles, joined his practice, and St. Mary's hospital was built with the Mayos as supervising physicians. Soon othe rnon-family members joined the practice, introducing the concept of medical teamwork, and by the early 20th century, the hospital had become known as the "Mayo'sClinic."