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yDNA-based Surname Project
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About us

The purpose of this surname project is to catalog paternal yDNA tests and where possible to group matches into family groups. Anyone with a yDNA test has a Matches section available to them on their personal Family Tree DNA dashboard. Those matches are limited to the people with whom you share your yDNA. This surname project allows you to look at other families that share the surname but are not in your immediate yDNA match list, along with those that are. Additionally, we will allow the public to review the yDNAtest results. The project is located at: Success Defined: Success for this project is defined as identifying groups of testers with the surname Mayo and those who show a yDNA match to the Mayo surname. There will be cases where groups of unrelated Mayo's trace their genealogy to a common ancestor or location(s). While we will will identify these situations, it is beyond the scope of the project to dictate which paper genealogy of one group takes precedent over another. While we will include pedigrees of the testers as reported, we present no endorsement of the lines or validation of the process from which the information was obtained. Family Groups: In the Background section of the project site we will list Family Groups with a brief outline of the genealogy as presented by members and what may be documented through traditional genealogy. In the Results section we will list findings revealed by the comparison of the supplied yDNA results Because many lines of a surname may trace to the same ancestor, this project will show any discrepancies. Membership: The membership of this surname project is limited to those supplying a yDNA test. You will need a 37, 67, or 111 marker yDNA test to join and participate meaningfully. We recommend 67 markers and above. Online Discussion: The beta version of the project includes an online discussion board. The board is limited to the members of the project. We ask that you limit discussion on the timeline blog to yDNA and the testing process. There are many other sources for discussion of ‘paper’genealogy. This location is unique to identifying matching yDNA paternal lines.