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About us

Matheson clan main website is at

The name Matheson comes from the Gaelic MacMathan, meaning son of the bear. The MacMathans established their stronghold in Lochalsh, Wester Ross, in the Scottish Highlands in the 13th century. By the 15th Century, the Mathesons constituted a major Clan and the Chief could raise 2,000 fighting men. The present Chief is Major Sir Fergus Matheson of Matheson, the 7th Baronet.

The purpose of the Matheson Surname project is to create statistical links from Mathesons around the world and our original ancestors in Scotland. It will assist Mathesons and other historically related groups to find cousins, determine family location and movement, and determine clan branch or cadet line. We are also interested in sharing with other project managers concerned with Scottish Highland genealogy. PLEASE SELECT A Y-DNA37 or Y-DNA67 MARKER TEST as the 12 marker test does not give us enough information for effective matching.

If your surname does not appear in the list below, yet you believe you are a part of Clan Matheson, please contact the group administrator.