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In May of 2005 Clan Matheson decided to join other Highland clans doing DNA Surname testing to look at the roots of our clan. In doing so we may be able to prove or disprove some of the traditional genealogies of the clan.

Some Highland clans are finding both Celtic and Norse DNA signatures in their project. This has true of the Matheson clan. Not all surnames in the project have had traditional genealogies preserved so DNA may help participants to find related people so they can compare their knowledge and add to the clan’s lore. Maps created by clan member Howard Mathieson that show the location of Mathesons in Scotland at various time periods can be found at

Understanding DNA Testing: Family Tree DNA provides information to help you understand DNA testing. Most people start by looking at projects which fit their surname. Across the top of every page are the words TESTIMONIALS, PRIVACY and FAQ. There are also excellent explanations of Y-DNA (male DNA) testing and mtDNA (female DNA) testing accessed from the left column. On the lower right column are articles which give you a deeper understanding of DNA. An excellent tutorial on DNA is found on the Blair Surname site called DNA 101.

Recommended books for understanding DNA are: Colleen Fitzpatrick & Andrew Yeiser, Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak and Ann Turner, Books featuring DNA in the British Isles and Ireland are: Stephen Oppenheimer, Bryan Sykes, (published in Great Britain as ).

If you still have questions, contact Alice Fairhurst – alicefairhurst at Please note that the FTDNA Surname Group Administrators are not FTDNA employees. They do not receive any form of financial payment or any other incentive or reimbursement. The administrator of this project is a member of the International Society for Genetic Genealogy. 

This project uses the standards of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation 2017, the most recent editions of FTDNA’s Terms, the Genetic Genealogy Standards, and ISOGG’s guidance for Project Administrators.

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