Maness Surname DNA Project - For ANYONE with Maness ancestry!
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About us

Some specific goals of the project include answering the following questions:

  • Do all major Maness family lines descend from a common Maness ancestor?  If not, how many different Maness family groups can we identify, and what DNA signatures characterize the different lines?
  • From which ancient clan father (the haplogroup patriarch from thousands of years ago) does each branch of Manesses descend?
  • Can genetic matches be achieved with European families that might give us clues as to the original place(s) of origin and the original form(s) of the surname?
  • By comparing DNA results for people with well-documented pedigrees, can we trace any particular DNA changes (mutations) to particular Maness ancestors and thus enable others to identify their ancestors even when they lack a definite paper trail allowing them to trace back that far?

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